Jeremy Kyle now

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Narcissus, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Right I would hate to assume the roll of a Mail reader but seriously this Chav scum does need shotting!! Any one else watching this, or is it just the remit of us soap dodgers?

    The heads up for thoese not watching There is some young lad about 17 arguing about if he can see the unborn baby his ex is carrying, the 32 year old Gran is saying he can't and his new gobby 15 year old girlfriend his gobbing off, its horrific!
  2. Why is the little shít arguing - he knows the 15yo will be with child just before he latches onto another..........

    One round each - esp the 32 yo Gran!
  3. Fucking Chavs. It really is a sad reflection on todays society.
  4. It is a nightmare, no wonder the social support in this country is shot to sh1t! They need to start to steralising these people!

    But then again it does give me something to laugh at of an afternoon :)
  5. Do some fecking work, stoodent.
  6. It's a concurrent activity :)
  7. Nothing wrong with doing uni work with Jeremy Kyle in the background!
  8. Bloooody hell. You must be a wizzkid. Jeremy Kyle, Arrse lurking AND studenty-type work. I'm impressed :judge:

    The thing about Jez Kyle is he doesn't sit on the fence and arbitrate, he takes a side and joins in bashing the other. I much prefer Trisha, more fairminded and reasonable. :thumright:
  9. Errr believe it if I told you it was socialogy work? :D
  10. I would if you could spell it :winkrazz:
  11. bahhhhh spelling is overrated!
  12. spelink sux (heh-heh-heh)
  13. awww can't believe I missed it, really need to start a petition to have some tv's put in the library.
  14. That old Kyle fella is on the ball, the show needs a bit of fine tuning though...

    Maybe when Jeremy gets the hump with a chav he starts baseball batting his head instead of scarily raising his voice. Chavs are too thick to realise, but they would soon take notice with a lump of wood bouncing off their cranium. Feckers!!! :threaten:
  15. I like the way he gets involved and shouts at chav scum for being chav scum. He usually does that at both sides anyhow. Trisha is too nice to the work dodging feckers.