Jeremy Kyle....again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by buggrit, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone actually watching this at the moment? Its a typical example of the typical brit at the moment. It really makes me embarressed to be a part of this country to see people like this. Whats the bets they are on benefits!
  2. Feck off! :shakefist: :blowkiss:

    Im in training to be a chav!!! :headbang:
  3. Tell all - we're at work
  4. Its basically trailer trash accusing each other of having affairs and considering the state of them I can see a diseased rat being interested, never mind another human being. Their limited vocabulary is amazing, one of the lasses actually spoke like Vikki Pollard and she aint done nuffing or nuffing, I sh1t you not!

    and these.....people(in the barest sense of the word) have children!!!!
  5. I've now gone back to "Homes under the hammer", but it showed a revolting, scruffy geezer, who neither looked or sounded employable. Then it went on to say he had been having extra-marital affairs!! He certainly doesn't look shaggable!
  6. Me burberry's in the wash innit, an I aint got nuffing or nuffing to wear an me giro aint come frough yet innit!

    My brian hurts!! :shaking2: