Jeremy Corbyn - What will he do IF Labour lose the election

Well, what will he do?

I'm guessing he will resign... and than go on the dole as he's no good for anything anyway, perhaps work as binman

Comedy is always one after reading his manifesto, fiction novels about spending money we don't have, conjuring up empty promises etc

Well I'm consider joining the Labour Party and voting for him to be kept on.

If he really is given the little red Phrygian cap of Liberty wear on his allotment - I'll consider a garden pond and giving him a fishing rod if he really is cast out - in which case Dianne Abbott, Dawn Butler or Angela Rayner or Rebecca Wrong Daily as the next comedy turn.


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He should have resigned ages ago, when all his front bench was resigning a few years ago. He's a horrible little weasel and he probably will wait to be shoved rather than resign. Hopefully those mongs Abbot and Thornburry will also get sacked.


Imagine getting plucked from political obscurity in your twilight years, being led dumbfounded onto the podium to accept your party's top job and then, against all the odds..... buggering it up.

I suppose he could write a book, but it would be a bloody depressing tale of failure.
He has won the moral majority

All those equality seeking and under privileged rich celebrities are still endorsing his policies -

Its not his fault if the electorate were to stupid to vote as instructed.
His next logical step will be to gain independence for London so he can more easily establish a political majority and declare himself president.
The Corbynistas are whingeing like f@ck, variously blaming Israel , Blairites, revisionists and the media. It seems as though the Labour Party may be some way away from ditching its Stalinist clique and returning to the centre left.
People like him don't resign.

Shame really because politically his level of relevance is a Wordpress blog exposing the Jewish run media which hasn't been updated since 2001 & none of the links work.


He must now look at the positives. Every election from now to eternity will mention him as the worst labour leader ever.

Michael Foot is finally at rest knowing that a bigger dick has taken his place.
I am sure his allotment will need digging, where he can sit and accost people and tell them he was once close to being Prime Minister and it is a big Jewish conspiracy that he didn't win.
Sadly(?) he's standing down. Unless "the masses" clamour for him to stay.
And as if by magic...Labour start to blame the Jews for their loss.


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