Jeremy Corbyn, how can they not see?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maple, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. Being a bit of a wishey-washy liberal type but also a realist I just don't understand how JC's supporters don't get how crap he is on multiple levels. I mean I've had to brief staff officers on matters of great importance only to have them ignore the bleeding obvious in the past, I get it, blind stupidity/over confidence/chance of promotion etc, but surely the most in-breed card-carrying Marxist must see the self-evident truth. LABOUR ARE DOOMED!

    I turn to the gentle readers of Arrse for balanced and reasoned explanations -

    (If I'd really wanted that I wouldn't have put this here)

    Conspiracy theories and/or excuses please
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  2. I sometimes think that there is an element of quasi-religious fervour surrounding JC - Momentum is all rather cult-like...
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  3. Fish and Chips

    Fish and Chips On ROPs

    Today I heard a BBC reporter describe standing outside a meeting ( apparently reporters are not allowed access) in which the PLP was holding their pre election meet, that reporter described hearing people making speech's followed by a loud cheer, it immediately reminded me of the last stand of the Peoples Temple in Guyana when the leaders had murdered all their followers they then went to Jim Jones house, where they all cheered their handy work and then shot themselves dead. Corbyn is Jim Jones and his supporters are too stupid to see this.
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  4. Indeed I don't know of any Western politician in history that has such a cult following. I'm just puzzled as to why....
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  5. Fish and Chips

    Fish and Chips On ROPs

    Ha I was writing my post as you posted that.
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  6. Momentum remind me of Militant Tendency in the early 80s and they were very much like a cult.
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  7. Only to a point; if you look at the absolute crap that is taught in many social science and humanities departments in British universities, you will realise how naïve young people are indoctrinated.
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  8. DaManBugs

    DaManBugs LE Book Reviewer

    "He's crap on multiple levels". That's not a universal truth but rather your personal opinion. Explain, then, what leads you to the conclusion that he's "crap on multiple levels"? And which "multiple levels do you mean?

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  9. Argghhhhhhhh not more elction, make it stop..!!!!!!1 please.
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  10. Perhaps you could list out what qualities the man has and why he would be a great choice as leader of this country.
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  11. Even better, how about you list the things he is impressive at?
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  12. Errrmmmm.....are we each others sockpuppet? :)
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  13. Fish and Chips

    Fish and Chips On ROPs

    Your going to find out when the north of England turns blue overnight.
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  14. I don't think it will.
    I have quite sensible Brexiter friends who admire JC.
    In all other things they are intelligent, even to owning several Moto Guzzi's.
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  15. Same as supporters of certain sports teams.
    Yes, you know it was never a penalty for you/WAS a penalty against you, yet you continue to howl abuse at the referee.
    Yes, you know that your side are a long way from the dizzy heights of yesteryear, yet every year is going to be 'this year'.

    Happens on other sides of the political spectrum as well - your MP can have sex with a goat on Buckingham Palace forecourt, yet you'll still vote him in at the next poll...
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