Jeremy Clarson Article- The Rats Of Mole Valley

Saturday June 4th- The Sun.

Was flicking through the sun yesterday and found an excellent article written by tv presenter Jeremy Clarkson. He was talking about the ongoing issue about Mole Valley in surrey, where the MODs plan to have a house where the families of injured service people can stay, while visiting them.

The residents of the village were opposed as we all know, and tried to stop this happening..there is a very big thread on this already.

Jeremy Clarkson slammed these people, and said they should be ashamed of themselves and he hoped the 'bastards 'all got an incurable genital disease. That made me chuckle!!

He titled the article 'the rats of mole valley'.

Well done Jeremy Clarkson!!
Bit late though.

Hate to dis JC, but it's the truth.


Also, it most certainly was not the MoD who wanted 36 Grays Lane - it was SSAFA. They're paying out for it. Not the MoD. Surprised? Not in the least.
Sven said:
Werewolf said:
I'm watching our future Prime Minister on tv as I write this. Top bloke. :D
Menzies was on TV, bugger - I missed it :cry:
Dream on, Sven - you KNOW that there is more chance of Clarkson getting the job :D

(which is probably a pretty worrying fact all in itself) 8O

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