Jeremy Clarkston Documentary on Guns


Heres quite a good documentary on the invention/progression of the gun by Jeremy Clarkston himself. Its well worth a watch if you can be bothered. He even gets a go at FISH in part 5. In total it last about an hour but is broken up into sections for uploading.

In my opinion its well done








The British government rejection something thats years ahead of its time?? Surely not!

Some things will never change.
After that was screened on TV, my boss was swearing blind that Clarkson had actually fired live rounds in the car park of Melville range at Bisley. some people really are somewhat too easily convinced...

For this little stunt, even though it involved a blank firer, Clarkson was torn a new arrsehole by both the armourer at Bisley and the shooting manager. When the producer tried to intervene and said "you can't talk to the actor like that", he was promptly also torn a new one.

By the way, the section with the ancient "handgonnes" was done blank on a stall set up on Stickledown range facing the wrong way.

There are some serious factual errors as well: if the chaps at Rourke's drift had been armed with muzzleloading Whitworth rifles, they would have been in deep do do -- they were in fact armed with breech loading Martini Henrys and not the Enfield muzzle loaders claimed.
There's a whoops. Has he never seen 'Zulu'?

On related note, I was most bemused last night when I switched on the telly and watched a documentary on the Military Channel about the 1973 war. The host had a computer-generated model 'pasted' in front of him, with little tanks that moved around and shot each other. Screen zoomed out, and it was Peter Snow. Looks a little older than I remember him, but it was just so stereotypical, I had to harken back to the days of the 1991 war and the Spitting Image portrayal of him in a sandbox with toy tanks.

.....Or if you're old enough to remember, Michael Bentine's 'Potty Time'..... :nod:
Those chaps with the six-shooters are impressive.



War Hero
jimmy25 said:
.....Or if you're old enough to remember, Michael Bentine's 'Potty Time'..... :nod:

Quality TV :biggrin:

Mind you worst bit having rediscovered it is all the other old TV progs....

feeling bloody old now :roll:



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California_Tanker said:
Those chaps with the six-shooters are impressive.

And ironically, Michael Bentine (of Potty Time) was once the "fastest gun in Britain". Seriously. And I don't mean "fire off six blanks", I mean "fire live rounds and hit the target".

Strange, but true... a Goon, with a Gun.

(His autobiography made fascinating reading - "The Long Banana Skin", IIRC)

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