Jeremy Clarkson for PM ??????

I think JC is outstanding - very funny, shoots from the hip and and I happen to agree with what he says (most of the time).

But opinionated? I have a nasty suspicion that if I spent an hour stuck in a lift with him I'd end up wanting to punch him ...................
I can imagine how he would deal with enviromentalists, by driving around their campsite in a V8 Range Rover shouting "POWER!"
Another reason that JC is a star, just watching Top Gear and whilst they were talking about parking in London he said "We need to do something about Livingstone - invite him here and set him on fire!"

You gotta love that man and his potential policies! :twisted:
He's just picked up an award at the annual TV awards bash being shown on ITV.
Complete legend and nice to see him sporting a poppy as well.
Never mind PM, make him President!
Just saw a clip of JC on the TV awards............

French Bird - "Oh your shoes are dirty!"

JC - "That's because Paris is covered in dog shite""
How many votes would it actually take to get the big JC in power? I voted!
seanbean said:
Why not a TV presenter for PM? After all we have had comedians for the last two...
Fair point. Well made.

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