Jeremy Clarkson For PM petition. No 10 responce

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Some of you may remember the petition sent to the Downing Street petition website a while ago demending that our Jezza was made Prime Minister.

    I got an email back from No 10;

    Which links to their homepage;

    with a link to a youtube clip No10 have made;


    Arrogant fcukers.

    How much did the little video clip cost to make?

    Who paid for it?

    At least Jezza had more democratic votes than the one eyed sweaty sock, spunk gargling personality vortex currently sqautting at No10.
  2. That's almost funny, unfortunately it looks as though it was created by a civil servant and fails the humour test.

    I'd far rather the government spent my money making pointless youtube clips than trying to interfere in my life.
  3. Clearly bolloxing up the whole country doesn't take up as much of his time as we may have thought.
  4. Oh come on you boring feckers! What response did you expect?

    "Thank you for your petition. We agree and will be contacting Mr C to invite him to become PM".

    It's pitched at the right level and I be JM would be quite happy with the response.

    Sorry, the outrage wagon has already left town.

  5. No outrage really. It just appears to be the arrogance of the clowns. I'll bet they are running scared that a bloody gobby journo has the popularity of the country.
  6. Well. I never ever thought I would say something like this in response to anything the current govt did, but (I am having to hold my nose mind) that you tube response was pretty good.

    They at least had the balls to meet the 'problem' of the Clarkson petition head on, and despite myself I found that I was smiling at the end of it. I reckon it would make Clarkson smile too.
  7. The youtube reply was as daft as the petition for JC to be made PM. Does anyone really think a minister from Downing Street would author a formal response? I didn't think so.
  8. To be fair, they could simply have replied: 'This is a complex constitutional issue. but it is generally held that, today, the Prime Minister must be an elected member of the House of Commons, so regret...'

    Interesting question about who has paid for the video, though - some of the footage looks alarmingly similar to material from the BBC, but I can't believe that the Cabinet Office would've ignored copyright...

    Agree with mediumwhite, though - JC would probably be content with the fact that they at least made an effort rather than provide the usual bland 'kindly go away you naive member of the electorate who thinks we take these petitions seriously (unless organised by a newspaper we're frightened of)' reply.
  9. is this number 10's effort at trying to get into the 21st century and "down with the kids" by posting videos on youtube. Daft twats the countrys still fucked but never mind we can always post on youtube :roll:

    edited for mongness
  10. At least he will get 49,477 votes more than Brown!

    Arrogant Cnuts, I certainly don't work my arrse off all day for some little office boy to play at being a funny lad. I think this little video says it all about the current government!

    Although it was quite amusing I will give them that. :D
  11. Quite funny considering. If Gordon had have commented on the video I may have even raised a smile for 0.004 of a second.
  12. Well, it means they are not sitting around thinking where to invade next! Personally, in the big scheme of things, I think it's quite funny, and don't begrudge the 0.000001% of the annual tax budget it took to make!
  13. Notice that NONE of the No 10 videos are open for response? Responses on every single on of them have been disabled.

    I wonder why the unelected, useless, lying, spin doctoring, fat Scottish CUNT's office did that then?
  14. Because it follows their policy of not allowing the electorate a chance to voice their opinion of course!

    They think that pacifying us with a pointless petition website ticks the 'democracy' box.

    Out of interest, how many petitions have been acted on by the 'Polit Beuro'?
  15. Almost 50,000 voters (possibly) demands that they respond in some way, even if it's to tell them all to fuck off. That little video was put together by a very carefully supervised PRling after a very serious and senior PR round-table beard-stroking session at No.10. Heads are on the line with this sort of thing (theirs).

    I doubt very much whether any petition has actually yielded a result you could slap, smell or believe in for more than five minutes. The entire exercise was a piece of PR pish put together to demonstrate to the Party how the People could be treated with contempt while pretending to follow their dictate. A very straightforward design of the New Labour Project, in fact.