Jeremy Clarkson for PM job

Clarkson for Prime Minister?

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Yea he should definately go for PM...

he says things the way they are, and im sure he would sort our armed forces out!! :D
Indeedy! Clarkson is a really really pro-forces guy, supports us nigh on 110% and would be an asset in our international arsenal.

HOWEVER. Speaking as a hardcore biker, you can fk right off if you think im gonna vote for that pleb. His arrogance is such that given the power (and therefore ability) my recreational and daily mode of transport would be outlawed off the road faster than it takes me to shove me leathers on. He's an arrogant car driver who would use his position to further his own small minded agenda (as far as transport goes anyways)
Dont start me off about his abhorrence of anything towing a trailer... Anyone tow trailers or caravans? Think carefully Gentlefolk...

Clarkson for PM? Yeah, but wait til ive done my time and moved to Spain.
Every time I read his pronouncements the quote "middle-class conservatism masquerading as common-sense" springs to mind. He'd be an absolute disaster for anyone who didn't make their living from automobiles.

Now, Al Murray - that bloke talks a lot of sense.
What about if Clarkson went for Secretary of State for Defence instead of PM then?

That would be good enough in my opinion! :)

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