Jeremy Clarkson causes more BBC fury !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Apologies for no link, from the Daily Mirror, it would seem the British sense of humour is on the decline what with Brand/ Ross and this from Top Gear's JC.

    "Jeremy Clarkson causes more BBC fury with sick trucker jibe on Top Gear

    By Mark Jefferies 4/11/2008

    Jeremy Clarkson (BBC)
    Jeremy Clarkson plunged the BBC into a new storm last night – after joking that truckers spend their time “driving and murdering prostitutes”.

    The Top Gear host, 48, made the sick comment as he and co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May were each given a series of tasks as HGV drivers.

    His crass remark on Sunday night’s BBC2 show infuriated relatives of women murdered by truckers Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright – as well as Britain’s army of lorry drivers.

    Now the controversial TV star could be forced into an embarrassing apology as the BBC

    tries to clean up its act after the Manuelgate scandal involving Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross.

    Talking to the camera, smug Clarkson said: “What matters to lorry drivers? Murdering prostitutes? Fuel economy? It really is a hard job and I’m not just saying that to gain favour with truck drivers. There’s so much to do.

    “You’ve got to change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror... murder a prostitute. Change gear, change gear, murder.” Lorry driver Sutcliffe’s five-year reign of terror came to an end in January 1981 when he was jailed for slaughtering 13 women.

    Earlier this year Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright was jailed for killing five prostitutes in Ipswich. He had also worked as a haulier.

    The BBC admitted last night they received 188 complaints over Clarkson’s comments, and TV watchdog Ofcom is investigating.

    The United Road Transport Union said they had been inundated with complaints from its 17,000 members. Spokesman James Bower said: “We’re disgusted. It beggars belief that he could say such a thing on TV.”

    Road Haulage Association chief executive Roger King has written to BBC director general Mark Thompson over the “outrageous insult”.

    He said: “It is a slanderous slur on lorry drivers and the character of the industry.”

    A spokeswoman from English Collective of Prostitutes said: “What he said was truly heartless – and extremely hurtful to the families of victims.”

    Charity group Victim Support added: “It is impossible to understand why he thinks making light of the murder of women is acceptable as entertainment.”

    During filming for the show, watched by around seven million, Clarkson was injured in stunt to “see how difficult it was to be a truck driver”.

    At one point he deliberately smashed a truck into a wall at 56mph and emerged “in screaming agony” with bruises to his leg, back and finger.

    The BBC said in a statement: “The vast majority of Top Gear viewers have clear expectations of Jeremy Clarkson’s long-established and frequently provocative on-screen persona.

    “This particular reference was used to comically exaggerate and make ridiculous an unfair urban myth about the world of lorry driving, and was not intended to cause offence.”

    Clarkson’s wife Francie, who is also the star’s manager, refused to comment last night.

    She said: “He is not available and we are advising people to go to the BBC.”
  2. Am I missing something here?
  3. It's a passing bandwagon for the Clarkson haters to jump on.
  4. The best bit about this:

  5. Rather racist I feel, Airfix told me most streetwalkers are Bosnian.
  6. Thus, the 'ECP' must be like our colonial cousins NAACP. Supporting the minorities, and all that...*

    *I am certainly not comparing prostitutes to black people. Please remove that connotation from your minds, thank you.
  7. From Britains 'Army' of lorry drivers a huge 188 have complained.

    Maybe they were busy behind their cab curtains with their tool boxes then!. . .
  8. There are a lot of Black Prostitutes.....and they re cheaper than white ones....Happy day's :p

    Oh and Carkson forgot to add murdering female hitch hikers......... :oops:

    And the driver of this outrage bus my be Murdering ex Trucker...LOL :roll:
  9. The thing is, unlike the Brand / Ross debacle, the Top Gear gag was actually FUNNY !!!!
  10. Well spotted! I was also wondering exactly how do you help a murdered prostitute?

    "Here you go missus, I'll hold the door for you, mind you don't stub your coffin on that step!"

  11. bet there all female :).... alas its getting so you cannot open your mouths... mind you i know a few football players that need shutting..
  12. But its so true. When I was employed as a bowsermong (groundcrew tonkatoytankerdriver in the AAC) we used to think nothing of reserving a load of prostitutes to meet at South Mimms and then having emptied our sacks and contracted herpes and various other STDs proceed to mutilate their corpses. People I know who have become HGV drivers say its all the rage especially in Eastern Europe where some of the prossies are tastier.
  13. Agreed. It was also said very much tongue in cheek without the use of foul language at an old man.

    The joke, as ever, had some form of grounding. I ended up on the floor with my wife kicking me for being "a bad person" for laughing so much.
  14. Listening to Radio 2 on the drive in to work (to avoid the we-love-Obamathon on R4), I thought I heard Sarah Kennedy say that the 188 complaints have been outnumbered by lorry drivers phoning in to the Beeb to complain about the Road Haulage bods not having a sense of humour...