Jeremy Clarkson calls people who throw themselves under trains 'selfish.'

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by radiorental, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. They are fucking selfish. The good thing about it is the selfish cunts end up dying.
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  2. They are selfish however if we billed the families for the loss in productivity caused by any delays it might not happen as often.
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  3. I could probably think of much stronger words than "selfish."

    Do they ever spare a thought for the paramedic who has to go under the train and dodge the third rail so he can hold the cretinous fucktard's hand while they move the train?

    Or the rozzer who has to walk half a mile up the track scraping offal from the rails?

    Or the train driver who slams on the brakes knowing full well he's going to kill somoene because there's no way he could have reacted quickly enough, and will probably never drive a train again?

    Do they fuck. Death's too good for them.
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  4. Have to agree every cunt who tops themselves is greedy , and so self important that they think that by topping themselves people will give a toss. The exceptions to this are Government sponsored suicide, such as walking in the woods alone after condemning certain documents that relate to WMD.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    As Clarkson say's ........... Loooserrrs !!!
  6. If one is going to top oneself,then one should do it with some dignity. Show some consideration for others,instead of going out and causing great inconvenience to commuters,not to mention the hoped for sympathy and publicity that the selfish act may attract.
    Some years back,a loony woman caused trains to be stopped whilst she contemplated whether to jump from a station bridge onto the track below.One commuter had enough and with the words "If you're gonna do it, GO!" and launched her off the bridge with a helping shove.
    She broke her legs and had other injuries. The dispatcher(an ex Para) got jailed for his public spirited action.

    Yup, Selfish bastards.
  7. They are very selfish, I'm a train driver luckily I haven't had anyone throw themselves under my train but a lot of my work mates have, its not nice.
  8. They are cunts, if life really pissed you off that much top yourself sensibly and make it look like an accident, start skydiving and 'forget' to open the chute one time or eat a million pills and go for a nap. Just because life shat on you don't make us late for work/city-centre piss-up. I suppose it is a better excuse for the announcer to make than 'the wrong type of leaves on the line'.
  9. I don't mind any fucker throwing themselves under a train.

    Just don't do it on my fucking line.
  10. Yep.
  11. Better still, pop down to the doc and he'll give you a nice packet of pills to tide you over until your illness subsides.

    I used to commute and I've been on a few trains that have hit people. The attitude of most of the staff and passengers wasn't that different from Clarkson's attitude.

    Do you think the Guardian has a fatwa out on him? It's not his fault that the public sector strike flopped.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If you hit three don't you get to retire on an RSM's pension?
  13. No, you get to rock slowly backwards and forwards, gently dribbling into a cup of milky tea.
  14. Well on that I agree with the big ponce, it's not suicide by cop but it is getting there.