Jeremey Vine Radio 2 - Discussing ex-soldiers in prison.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Seems there are 20,000 locked up.What percentage of the entire prison population is that?
  2. Something like 10% I heard on the Radio this morning. Still 20k is a bloody lot of ex-forces. Isn't the figure for homeless people on the streets 1 in 5 ex forces as well.

    just shows in what high regard we hold our vets. If they were Chav, benefit scrounging scum there would be programs abound to keep them in houses and out of nick.
  3. Words of wisdom.
  4. rampant

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  5. This show's what a disgrace how government is and they are not giving our vetrans the help and support they really need with the transition from the armed forces to civvi street which is quite traumatic for our vetrans .
  6. Would like to thank JV for converting me to radio5,got fed up of listening to that self opinionated 2@.
  7. Doesn't matter what you did for a living if you commit a violent offence the court's first duty is to protect society.

    Listened to all the trained killer nonsense on Jezza's show. Soldiers have a greater need of self control and that's a bigger part of training.

    20,000 would be a large percentage of those discharged that have seen frontline service.

    The truth is the military appeals to risk takers with lower levels of academic achievement and the same characteristics apply to criminals.
  8. Someone has turned on the light and realised that there is a problem of sevicemen/women settling into civvy life (or civvies having a problem accepting ex service people). For JV and radio 2 to allocate about twenty minutes with a couple of shitty records thrown in is a disgrace.
    Never mind eh, they will no doubt discuss some downtrodden, state sponging, criminal fat b'stard with a coke habit and a dozen kids that will probably get more of a reaction from joe public.
  9. Fronty

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    Radio 4 just said about 8%, with about 8k locked up and about 10k on probation for various things.
  10. There was a Dispatches program last week about two ex-army guys with PTSD, one had served 5 years for possession of a gun as he thought that the insurgents were coming into his house. The other committed suicide.
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    I think you're Chubb and I claim my £5
  12. They were referring to ex-Service personnel who work as Prison Officers - weren't they?
  13. To be fair to JV, he rarely holds any opinion, he does enjoy playing devils advocate though, which I quite like. The piece was quite short and as usual, had no resolve from a coulpe of over-opinionated pillocks refusing to reach a middle ground.

    Personnaly I liked the idea from the opposition of 'make their pensions so big they never NEED to work with normal people when they get out.'

    Suits me just fine!
  14. Can't be annything like that.

    Numbers lockled up last Friday were 84,422 (which is currently the highest number of inmates held in the system) with a total operational capacity of 85,307. If ex-forces make up 10% of the total population then you would be looking at a figure of 8400.
  15. I was going on the figures stated in the first post with the 10% heard on the radio and that the figure of 20k was 10% of the prision population.