Jeremey Clarkson on SA

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Oyibo, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. A great intro from JC to an article on the Porsche Caymen in the Sunday Times today. Subscription only now I'm afraid, so here is the part that is relevant to SA rather than the full article:

    Although Jo'burg certainly has many more successful black people than many parts of the country, I do agree with his comments about self fulfilling prophecies and the general level on condescension in the media towards SA.
  2. I'm simply glad that we have great thinkers like Jeremy Clarkson in our time to tell us what Nelson Mandela's life has been about.
  3. What the **** has the times done going pay as you read!!!!
  4. What it has done is lose 90% of its readership. From what I hear subscriber numbers are down to approximately 15,000
  5. Wouldn't surprise me. I only get access because I alreadt paid for the crosswords.
  6. They have stopped the thick unwashed classes, Myself included, reading this stuff free of charge and possibly getting above my station.This would enable me to come to conclusions that are balanced somewhere between my usual read, the Daily Sport and the times! Oh well back to "I got abducted by Three Three breasted Aliens!
  7. Murdoch hasn't backed a loser yet. I'd be willing to bet that the other heavies will have followed suit within a year.
  8. I will bet you a shiny pound that they haven't.

    They are all watching to see how this goes and, so far, it is doing worse than anybody had thought. Murdoch will most likely be too stubborn to back down but I will be surprised if anyone else will rush to follow