Jeremey Clarkson on SA

A great intro from JC to an article on the Porsche Caymen in the Sunday Times today. Subscription only now I'm afraid, so here is the part that is relevant to SA rather than the full article:

It must have been difficult running the television schedules during the World Cup. Because, obviously, you had to prepare for the fact that each knock-out game could go to extra time and then penalties, but have something up your sleeve to fill the time in case it ended after 90 minutes.
ITV decided to fill its sleeve with a fat man running around a studio in England, shouting, while the BBC went for a rather different approach.
When a game ended after normal time, and most of them did, we were often shown a film from South Africa. And every time I looked, they were saying the same thing: “Little Mboto has Aids and will be dead very soon, like his mum and dad.”
Then there would be a couple of shots of the presenter — usually a former footballer — looking heartbroken, and then it’d be 10pm and time for the news.
I became rather tired of this, especially as I did a sum the other day and worked out that I’ve been to Johannesburg more than I’ve been to any other foreign city — even Paris. I don’t claim to know the place well but I know it well enough to know that while there is social injustice, despair, Aids, and lots of little kids called Mboto with flies in their eyes, there is also a lot of hope, ambition and determination to make things better. And a rather good restaurant called the Butcher Shop.
I began to wish, as the BBC’s coverage wore on, that just occasionally, the presenters would get out of the shantytowns and examine the case of people I know; black people who now work in marketing and advertising and event management. Black people who have exchanged the flies in their eyes for Beemers and Porsches.
Because if we continue to tell the world that South Africa is a busted flush, it will one day be a busted flush again. It’s like target fixation when you’re riding a bike. You see the pothole. You know you shouldn’t run into it. But you do. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that would be such a pity. Such a terrible waste of Nelson Mandela’s life.
To pay us back, I sincerely hope that when South Africa’s broadcasters come to England for the 2012 Olympics, they make a series of films about social injustice here. “This is Jackie. She lives in the north and weighs 24 stone because she is monumentally stupid. And this is her husband, Ron. Look at his gormless northern face. What a numpty. What a chip-eating waste of blood and organs. What a sad reflection of British society, which even as we speak is engaged in a freefall descent into poverty, filth, crime, disease and hopelessness.”
Although Jo'burg certainly has many more successful black people than many parts of the country, I do agree with his comments about self fulfilling prophecies and the general level on condescension in the media towards SA.
What the **** has the times done going pay as you read!!!!
What it has done is lose 90% of its readership. From what I hear subscriber numbers are down to approximately 15,000
Wouldn't surprise me. I only get access because I alreadt paid for the crosswords.
What the **** has the times done going pay as you read!!!!
They have stopped the thick unwashed classes, Myself included, reading this stuff free of charge and possibly getting above my station.This would enable me to come to conclusions that are balanced somewhere between my usual read, the Daily Sport and the times! Oh well back to "I got abducted by Three Three breasted Aliens!
Murdoch hasn't backed a loser yet. I'd be willing to bet that the other heavies will have followed suit within a year.
I will bet you a shiny pound that they haven't.

They are all watching to see how this goes and, so far, it is doing worse than anybody had thought. Murdoch will most likely be too stubborn to back down but I will be surprised if anyone else will rush to follow

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