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JENNIFER Aniston says she is looking for love again - eight months after splitting with husband Brad Pitt.

In her first TV interview since the break-up, she told US chat show host Oprah Winfrey she feels ready to go on dates.

Asked if she could now let a man back into her life, the 36-year-old actress replied: "Yes." She added: "I love the unknown."

Aniston - who announced the end of her five-year marriage to Pitt in January - hit back at rumours that her not wanting children was the reason behind the split.

"Do I want babies? Yes, I do," she said. "I always have."

The former Friends star said her own mates had helped her deal with the split, but admitted she still cries from time to time.


She said: "I shed some tears. It's sort of that living in the moment, in the now.

"All the self-help books... the truth is you sit there going, 'How do I do that?'."

But she paid tribute to her friends.

She said: "To have girlfriends that are your sisters and mothers and gurus and your mentors - they kind of just gather around, they hear the call and they're right there."

Asked what it was like living on her own, the star said: "It's pretty fantastic. I mean in a way where you don't have to, you know, kind of do whatever.
When you're ready Ms. Aniston , have you knocked up in no time :D
Asked what it was like living on her own, the star said: "It's pretty fantastic. I mean in a way where you don't have to, you know, kind of do whatever.

Feckin celebs, don't they just pish you off?

This very same bint, who is opening up all of her sores to the world in an effort to make herself look like the wounded party will (I guarantee) be bitching about how the media are making her life unbearable with their constant intrusion in about 6 months time.

Got a chin that would do a good job of dredging the Clyde too!
I like 'ol Jen - she comes across as nice. But I don't like 'ol Angelina - she doesn't come across as nice. And Brad Pitt handsome? Whoever decided that one?!!!
Mr_Deputy said:
I believe that her parents did indeed 'grow' her inside a small bed as to get a good even flat head on her so as not to have problems marrying her off. Knowing she was going to be quite fit but skatty as feck.
Maybe that's what caused her chin to grow outwards at the rate it did.
Cynical-Subbie said:
I'd back scuttle her senseless- just in order to do my bit for the healing process, obviously...
And that would be good, you see her chin would rest on the ground causing her back to be parallel to the ground allowing a nice flat surface for resting your pint on.
She would have to REALLY beg for it. Then I'd refuse on principle and get off down the pub for a few sherbets and a kebab. If she was still hanging around when I got back perhaps I would force myself.

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