Jehovas Witnesses!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StevenPreece, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. I got a knock on the door on Sunday morning and answered it to two men dressed in suits. Yep you guessed it. Jehovas. Once during the mid 80's I went home on leave and was lying on the couch in my union jack shorts feeling somewhat hungover. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it was a Jehova. I picked up my mothers dog and threw it at him with a greeting of fcuk Orrff.

    Anyway: This morning I politely told the two men that I haven't got a dog at the moment but will introduce them to him if I get one in the future. They looked at each, smiled and casually said goodbye.

    8O :D


  2. I'll bet they made their excuses and left you. You are a dull fucker after all.
  3. Oh I don't know Flashy, he brightens my day!
  5. Your shallow at times with a vivid sense of imagination. But amusing none the less.

    Its a pity because there are some really good guys on this site.

    Anyway: Thanks for the PMs guys and all the very best.

  6. Just ask them, is it true everyone is equal in your eutopia. when they say yes....................Ask them who the fcuk sent them round here then !!!!!!
    They soon leave
  7. Steven Preece
    You typed the "J" word in full.

    STONE HIM ! ! !

    New Line in Shop..Arrse Virtual Value Stones......Buy one bag, get one free. Extra sharp edges! Any takers??? :wink:
  8. Yes I know I did. That's why I threw the dog at him!!!!

  9. Next time they come round just ask them why do they not drink alcohol when Jesus turned water into wine and keep repeating the question until they get so fcuked of they either convert right there and then to atheism or bugger off!

    Works every time.
  10. I need to get another dog. They never came back for years after the last time. The dog ferking hated em!! It tore the J's suit to peices. LOL :D

  11. Hysterical.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. You lads have potential!!


    Steven Preece