Jeffrey Archer - The Truth


War Hero
This gem of comedy genius got pretty much eclipsed by Panorama accusing us of ritually humiliating every recruit we get.

I just want to say I thought it was utterly hilarious!  Explained a lot  ;)

'There are unseen forces at work in this country of which we know nothing.'  Oh god! can we get any more similar to the americans!
Funniest thing I have seen for ages ;D ;D ;D It would have been even funnier if it were the truth!!!!!


who cares if it is the truth! ??? :eek:

Give it five more repeats, a listing on popbitch and an article in the news of the world and no-one will remember if it is the truth or not! ;D ;D


I saw a trailer of this on BFBS.  What kind of mental torture is that?  We see a trailer and then don't get the programme.  Come on Chalfont St Thingy, pull your fingers out and give us Jeffrey Archer.

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