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Jeffrey Archer - The Truth


War Hero
This gem of comedy genius got pretty much eclipsed by Panorama accusing us of ritually humiliating every recruit we get.

I just want to say I thought it was utterly hilarious!  Explained a lot  ;)

'There are unseen forces at work in this country of which we know nothing.'  Oh god! can we get any more similar to the americans!


who cares if it is the truth! ??? :eek:

Give it five more repeats, a listing on popbitch and an article in the news of the world and no-one will remember if it is the truth or not! ;D ;D


I saw a trailer of this on BFBS.  What kind of mental torture is that?  We see a trailer and then don't get the programme.  Come on Chalfont St Thingy, pull your fingers out and give us Jeffrey Archer.