Jeff Waynes War of the worlds

This album is a masterpiece so i was planning on getting tickets to the live tour that goes around every few years. Has anyone been to see this and is it going to raise the hairs on my neck as much as i think it will?

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I have it on DVD, and tickets to see it in Amsterdam in June. Can't wait, it's fantastic!


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Saw it at Sheffield arena a couple of years back on the first tour. Russell Watson took the part of the Parson.

Prepare for hairs to be very much raised.
Christ, been obsessed with it since i was a nipper. Heard similar things such as journey to the centre of the earth and that and they just pale in comparison. Helps that the Moody blues are my favorite band so if good old Justin is there i'll be happy. And probably squealing embarrasingly in front of my mates.
Biggest hair on neck moment? For me the crowds shouting 'come on thunderchild'. Then it gets blown up. Other than that just the sound of the orchestra on the first track (Eve of war?)


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It's been on Sky movies for the last few weeks so keep an eye out for it
I'm chasing tickets for it think they are about £52 so I'll have to save up
It does look good I beleive Jennifer Ellison is playing the female part this year


The original CD was excellent on headphones - especially the unscrewing of the cylinder. Still well worth a listen - great soundtrack.


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I saw it a while back in Dublin and it was amazing

Jennifer Elison you jest

It has to be Tara Blaise

The show is coming back to Dublin this summer and I will be going once more-

Kudos to Richard Burton
I think it was 1978 or 1979 when I got a War of the Worlds limited edition box set for my birthday with album, poster, book and stuff, Mum knew I loved ELO and the sound of Jeff Wayne.

Jeff Wayne and ELO's sound is still distinctive and unrivalled for drama all these years later. Other groups have some great tunes with a main part then a load of crappy filler thrown around it. An ELO track is so musically complicated, sort of miss it and it's gone. For an inspirational sound Moby comes quite close but not the full banana.

No, I haven't got tickets but feel some Youtube coming on.........



Saw it in Newcastle in 2007. I recommend it.

Jennifer Ellison is the Parson's wife on this tour.

'Eve of the War' always make my hair stand to attention.


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Still have the original double CD set when it became available on digital media in the mid 80s. Good stuff and of course I have always liked Justin Hayward. I saw the Moody Blues play in Milwaukee in 1993 and Justin did "Forever Autumn." (Among other great songs). :headbang: :1:

I thought I had heard that the Moody Blues stopped touring because of a band member's ill health. If that is true then what a loss to rock & roll.

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