Jeep Wrangler vs Land Rover Defender

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by the_wolf, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Ok so i know the thread title is a bit stupid. In my eyes the Defender would beat it hands down.

    But im looking in to getting either of the above. Unfortunately i dont have the cash for a Defender but i would value other Arrser's opinions on the Jeep Wrangler.

    Im looking at getting one from maybe around 2006/2007 so what could i expect with regards to reliability, offroad capability, normal day to day driving etc...

  2. In a fight to the death? Do we get to kit them up like something out of robot-wars?

    My money's on the Defender - since it's obviously good at defence work.
  3. Yeah i saw the thread and also the article in Auto Express. The 'soft top' and the new concept are f*cking disgusting and it would be sacriledge to put the Defender name on either. The Defender i would be after is the 2007 facelift model but, as Defenders do, they hold their value ridiculously well. I could buy a Wrangler from the same year for much much less.
  4. If cash is short - just get an older defender and smarten it up as you go along. Personally I've gone for a 1996 300 Tdi 90. Its one of the last they produced before they started puttting electronics into the system. You could even go for something even older and transplant a Discovery Tdi engine into it. Look out for one that has already had a galvanised chassis fitted, discount anything with a rusted bulkhead and basically there is nothing that cannot be fixed/replaced with a 13mm spanner for relative peanuts.
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  5. Get one where the paintwork is a bit tatty, and get it resprayed charcoal or dark metallic red. Job jobbed.
  6. I like my mod cons a little though which is why i wanted a 2007 and onwards model. How do Wranglers compare to them though? Thats all im asking. Ive looked around all over the place and it seems that id have to pay at least 9500 for a 2007 Defender
  7. Right...I can give some real world examples if you want.

    Example 1
    A friend of mine ran an offroad course called Nortrack. He was approached by the Aberdeen Jeep dealer to supply him with a couple of Jeeps to use when doing offroad instruction and to give prospective Jeep buyers a shot offroad. This would have been around 2006/7 so the period you are looking at.

    The relationship lasted around 3 months. Jeep pulled there offer because of the amount of damage and breakdowns to the Jeeps. Steve was only using them on the Level 1 part of the course, a bit that things like Honda HRvs, BMW X5s and even Subaru Forresters regularly used.

    Example 2
    Same course, steve decided that he would warn all "SUV" drivers that Level 2 and 3 were unsuitable for their vehicles. He included all Jeeps under this warning as they regularly got stuck/broke and had to be recovered.

    Example 3
    A lass I work with has an 08 plate Jeep (I think its a Patriot) that she bought for 2 reasons, one pulling her horse box and two, winter use). She has and is having issues with the gear box and diffs. The garage says that the horse box is too heavy to be towed offroad. She only pulls it through wet fields.

    I own a few Landrovers (including 2 defenders, a 90 and a 110) and although they are not short of problems in there own right, if you are seriously thinking of a bit of offroading, then a Defender is the only choice, followed by a Suzuki SJ. Discoveries and Rangies are more than capable too, but damaged bodywork can be expensive to repair.

    In winter it is well worth fitting proper winter tyres, not All Terrain or Mud Terrain. AT and MT are ok in deep snow but horrible on icey or wet roads. I use Pirelli Scorpian Mud and Snow tyres and the vehicles are very sure footed.

    Lastly, i have a 1984 was only known as a 110 back then! Still going strong despite proper offroad abuse. If you are looking at a 2007 vehicle from either manufacturer, then a 2007 Defender will last a good while longer than a 2007 Jeep, hold its value..and if anything, with the arrival of the new "Hairdresser" Defender, will probably go up in value in 10 years time!

    Just the thoughts of a rambling Landrover nut!
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  8. Forgot to mention...IF you go for a jeep, make sure it has a wee plaque/sticker on it saying "Trail Rated". These are the ones that are better prepped for offroad BUT are built for the US market. Offroading in the US consists mainly of sand or rock crawling, not wet, slippy mud and deep water! Your normal Jeep will not have locking diffs, low range box etc.
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  9. I will be doing the odd spot of offroading but id appreciate any info on the reliability and normal driving experience of the Wrangler. Ive read a lot of mixed reviews online where some say its great offroad and other user reviews state that theyve had X amount of problems.
  10. You might want to look at post #2 on the 'Today I saw...' thread, apparently one of the cars you are thinking about may have a 'particular significance' at least to the RLC.

    It isn't the Defender.

    I have a Defender. My advice would be to make sure you are aware of all the +/- points about Defenders, they are well enough discussed all over the net. Then buy a Defender.

  11. Your question is so ambiguous that it is not really possible to give a reasonable answer. Would help if we knew what the intended use of such a vehicle. If you intend to use to as a runabout, hardly ever off-road then either will serve the purpose, however the Jeep will be far more expensive to maintain as it is Americana built - parts are far more expensive. Similarly the Jeep does not have the strength of a Defender on onerous off-road conditions. - your decision.

    Personal opinion - Defender every time, but only if I could not get my hands on a Unimog.
  12. Yeah id read that on the Top Gear review.

    To be honest i dont want someone shouting 'Yoohoo' at me in a rather camp voice everytime i climb into what is obviously a gay icon.

    Defender it is then.