Jee Troop, 25 years since passing out, where are you now?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Longlostlabtech, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Jee Troop, Feb to June 1983, our Silver Anniversary.

    Hasn't time flown, where are you now and what can you remember from the lovely time we had at Keogh for that interesting 17 weeks.

    See attached photos that I found when reminiscing.

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  2. More photos from Jee Troop

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  3. Troop Photo

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  4. What a fine bunch of chaps we were and so slim.
  5. Only 2 of us on this site then Cherry, I remember you well.
  6. I see that 'Sheena' Easton was in your Troop, havent seen him for years. I was at the QE with him as an OTT before he went nurse.
  7. Not my troop and well before my time, but do I detect Spence on the back row? I upset him at 3 AFA once (by accident) by refering to a spade, as a spade. I was innocently talking about a rectangular bladed digging tool at the time.
  8. You upset poor sensitive gentle spence cruel cruel man lol ia sure knowing him well it was mostly bluff.
  9. did he ever put on weight looked like an advance party for a famine.
  10. Oh no, this was a full on diva strop, and we hadn't realised why. He asked why were the two of us not both digging, we replied with things like 'We only have one spade, if you can tell us where to find another spade...' etc (and yes it was a spade and not a GS shovel)
  11. I see from your photos that things were exactly the same in March '88 (Ackroyd Troop). Even the spaced out, gormless looking kids slowly becoming men...
  12. nope skinny bloke to the end, last I heard he had just left a job as skinny nurse in the prison service.
  13. Tim Rennison came to us at 5 Armd Fld Amb, nice guy, not sure what happened to him though.

  14. I last saw him at AMSTC in July 2004, I think he was at 34, must be out by now.
  15. See you had Ray Brightwell as troop Cpl. He was ours as well in '84 (Whitchurch).