Is it wrong that it takes me 7 seconds to bang one out when I fantasize about being tag teamed by Jedward? Discuss.
I know blonde twins are every bloke's fantasy, but....


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there isnt a death too painful for this pair of dismal cunts.
Do you think that if you bumped one of the cunts off, the other would die of sympathy pains/loneliness? It would make for a good experiment.
I'd like to force a patato up the arse of one, nothing sexual just i fucking hate them and think it'd hurt
I'm obviously doing something wrong. This pair of twats are now supposedly multi-millionaires. Now Mrs WT often (quite wrongly) calls me a twat yet not a fucking penny????

I'd like to entwine their rediculous fucking haircuts together then pull the pair of cunts apart with a couple of tractors and reverse back over the whineing mongs as they squirm in the dirt.
I was vaguely aware of them on a screen in my local pub. But thankfully the sound had been turned down and I was in any case half way through a bottle of Grouse. From the little I saw, they certainly looked like pair of gusset drippings.
I suppose someone has to.
very very very wrong !
You are homophobic, Mon Colonel?
Whilst trying my best to avoid work I started throwing things at the tv when the little cunts appeared on it being interviewed. When they were told they were worth £3 million their response was, "is that all?"

I would never tire of punching them in the face, mentally that is. I require a few more arrsers to volunteer to take over when I'm physically incapable of punching.
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