Jedi Council Australian Army stylee

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pitswamper, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Morrison is just thoroughly peeved he didn't get sent any. Spoilsport.
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  2. This is a whole new dimension of stupidity, all previous definitions of brainlessness are rendered null and void. These scandals have been erupting for decades, but now they surface more frequently as electronic comms become more prevalent.

    These mongs (SNCO/Offr mongs mind you, promoted through skill and judgement, analysis of risk vs. reward and all that) are well aware of the penalties, not only do they persist, but they perpetuate their efforts by the means most likely to be compromised. Did they grasp this simple yet crucial fact? Did they fuck.

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  3. It's a shocker alright. All members of HM forces UK or commonwealth should sign a covenant that includes not doing beastly things and generally being a good egg.
    Things have gone down hill since the abolition of the naughty step.
  4. Whoa there, soldiers being naughty and having sex!

    Men discussing slappers!

    Electronic pig boards!

    Well there's new for you!

  5. What he said.
    Symptom of the Facebook generation I'm afraid. Not surprising given current standards of discipline. I've been told that instructors at Kapooka aren't even allowed to swear at recruits nowadays.

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  6. Although the recruits are no longer issued with yellow 'stress cards' as was apparently the case at one point.
  7. I heard about those. Whoever came up with that idea should've been fucking flogged.

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  8. Another way of tackling this is to have a much more rigorous selection method. Weed out the rubbish before they get in as far as its humanly possible.
  9. Bit Ironic the chief boss is called Morrisons, when his guys are gleefully looking on the market,
  10. Let's hope those under suspicion do the decent thing.

    Upload the pics onto ARRSE for our perusal.
  11. no way to talk about m orrisson