Jedi chav waster

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Mar 17, 2010.

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    (Apologies if it's already come up elsewhere, search didn't show it.

    Am I missing something fundamental here? So, if I claim to be of a religion made up 25 years ago for a film, I not only get to flout the dress code for a government body designed to assist me, but I also have grounds to sue for the humiliation caused by asking my to comply with their (not unreasonable) dress code?

    Can someone launch the outrage Millenium Falcon for me?
  2. Come on the guy looks of good stock..................

    Look he has six fingers on each hand..

  3. I love it when the PC Brigade get shafted by their own policies...
  4. I find it amusing, well done you lazy chav cnut.
  5. Dress code?? government body??

    chill out for farks sake
  6. Oh God that's were I bloody live, hopefully see that waster round town at some point :D

    What I don'tget is how it can be an accepted religion...its from a work of feckin' fiction
  7. Much like the bible and the Quran then.
  8. Aye but where they based on a film?
  9. Is there an official dress code for Cold War Warriors?

    I mean apart from the piss stained pants.
  10. Having a religion based on a film is as justifiable as following a religion based on a book that has been interpreted to suit the political climate of the day.
  11. Did it not become an official religion after the last census because so many people put it down as theirs :?
  12. Green or blue cardigan with vomit dribbled down the front and Lee Cooper jeans :)
  13. Scientology was created by a nutter who wrote science fiction books and decided to go one further, he even openly said himself the best way to make money is to create a religion. Look at how it's doing now 8O
    The requirement for a cult to become a religion is the number of followers, and double bonus if followers are people in positions of "social standing".
  14. I beg to differ, there are things in the Bible that were fact, yes some was total bull like the ressurrection of Christ and parting of the waves however there was a meaning behind it all and a lot of is not meant to be taken literally.

    Jedi though is 100% rubbish because it is based on a script and those who chose to follow it are insane and need a reality check. The closest real religions to 'Jedi' are Paganism and Wiccan.
  15. This is not the Star Wars walt waster you are looking for...move along.