Jedi 0, Islam 1

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joker62, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. They're probably just angry because it takes longer to build the lego model than it did to build the original.
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  2. Well if you wander about in flipflops you're going to have a downer on lego, its fucking lethal.
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  3. As an aside, do you think the business model of converting old action men figures into talking Mullahs dolls would be a money spinner?
  4. Meh!
  5. The Dark Side is strong in this. Have faith, when all appears lost there will come a hero with his lightsabre/SLR to restore the Force to its true form.

    If that picture is anything to go by half the books in any Sci-fi/fantasy section of a bookshop will have to be withdrawn. Time to say no. Can't see any child/grandchild of mine getting fired up anti-muslim by a toy like this. Does look a bit arab in the piccie in the article though. Oriental not religious.
  6. The story is basically a Muslim version of Victorian Dad going wild because his son was bought some lego by his aunt, and it looked vaguely like something in real life. What a bellend.
  7. Converting? You mean removing the hands and replacing them with hooks?
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Can we have a forum where it is just the Daily Mail and we can all go nuts about it because it is just the Daily Mail?

    That would be lovely. Thanks. But just the Daily Mail. Not the fucking Guardian or the Sun or the Times or the Telegraph or any of them Nazi cunts. Just the Daily Mail. Because we trust the Daily Mail.

    Any chance of a shot at Pippa's arse?
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  9. Those dodgy Lego fuckers have just secured the clearance of 1980's stock nobody was buying.
    Note the fact it will be 'in production' for a year or so and not 'withdrawn immediately'
    Some geeky toy collectors and star wars fans will buy them up, now they're being withdrawn and the EDL lads will buy them for the kids to smash up now they know they're mosques ;)

    Mail has probably agreed a story as a sweetner for an advertising deal from Lego or the parent company.

    And meanwhile the Muslamics are saying. What the fuck are you on about? we said fuck all about lego mosques.
    For once...
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  10. They'd go down a bomb.
  11. ?

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  12. I would buy a set now, don't open it and store it in a cupboard for 20 years. It will be worth a bit of dosh as a discontinued set.