Jebus! What a nose!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. HC-130......
  2. How much coke did that take to melt it into the shape it is now?
  3. She's a goddam Optical Illusion.

    Trying to look young and hip AT 60!
  4. Dwarfs cock and balls?
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  5. Its in the Naafi so can I be the first to say I would....


    Its, bum, willy etc etc
  6. Fucking hell! No matter how much I try I can't look at the rest of the photo, her conk draws my eyes to it like a fucking magnet. Has she had it clamped in a vice or something?
  7. You bunch of ignorant twats, it's obviously one of these. Although if it's legal (getting fussy in my old age), I obviously would- although probably rearwardly.

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  8. Good God she could ream someones asshole with that......

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  9. Yeah mine, whenever she would like to.
  10. In the good old days, she'd have been straight down to the nearest BUPA clinic for a nose job before charging the cost to her MP's expenses.
  11. Shes quite a nice looking mature lady you fussy bastards.
  12. That is NOT a nose!!!

    It's a fuckin' proboscis!

    And I bet she never has ants' nests in her garden...
  13. So whats the problem, I am happy with mine.

  14. I really dont see the problem.