JE RA, september.

So far I've done my BARB test and handed in my medical papaers into the Army office. They've been talking about getting me in for the intake in September, But it doesn't seem long away and I've still got lots to do still.

Anyone reckon I'll have enough time to join in September ? Or not ?
To be honest September 11th is looking a little tight, there still are still 40 places available for RA but to get medical cleared, Pre Selection (if your ACIO does it) Recruiters and Senior Recruiters interviews out the way followed by getting a date for ADSC and passing it with a good performance will be hard to do (but not impossible). Just work like hell on your fitness, revision on TACOS, Jobs etc whilst your waiting to be med cleared. If you dont remember you can go for AFC if under 17:5 so hopefully your age allows you to go for a January slot on 8th January 2012 if you dont pass in time.
Thanks for the advice. I'm worrying about it because I was born on the 16th June 94, So I'll be 17.6/7 By the time it comes to the January intake, So I'll be to told for the intake in January by a few months.

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