JDLs paedo popstar countdown

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joey_deacons_lad, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. with the proliferation of threads regarding mr Gadd i thought i would elaborate on an earlier posting regarding other members of the music industry who havent recieved the same level of hate as our Gary
    So in at number four Jerry Lee Lewis who married his 13 year old cousin
    A new entry at number Three Bill wyman of the Rolling stones who was just "dating" anorexic looking rat Mandy Smith at 13 we belive you Bill rock on [​IMG]
    Next at number Two he is the king of rock and roll the one the only Elvis Presley who was also just "dating" Priscilla at the tender age of 14
    Aaannnnd now storming in at number one the man who made the biggest selling album of all time and diddles with 12 year old boys whos BAD? you are very very bad you dirty cnut its Michael Jackson
    All of these apart from Jackson are not hate figures funny old world we live in. I salute you Gary may you keep sticking it to the man and any young girls you get hold of
  2. Not forgetting collector of vintage noce material from the 18th century, I introduce PeeWee Herman!

  3. Ah of course pete who was researchin and mr kelly who not content with boffing the young he likes to p1ss on them too. Yet both still plying thier trade can we organise the power of the arrse collective to campaign on Garys behalf.

    or shall we just go the alehouse? im easy
  4. What's that device on Mr Jackson's belt? I want one.
  5. kids sized handcuffs?
  6. Looks like some sort of 'hand and foot' restraint for tiny tots to me. I can see the rationale.
  7. Nonsense.
    It's a safety harness for dangling babies over balconies.
    Poor guy gets such a bad press.
  8. God bless you sir. Please leave any funds raised behind the back of Mothercare.
  9. Ok an update apparently michael jackson turns 50 tomorrow it's been mentioned on the radio he is releasing an album to celebrate. So again it's ok for some popstars to enjoy the smooth skin of a preteen and oh so wrong for others. And just to cheer you scot's wacko jacko has made an album of him adding a 21st century take on the poems of Robert Burns. Scotland greatest poet is to become "street" big up fo' da Burns braaap!