JCUFI Line Section - R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Mighty_Mech, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Ladies/Gents

    JCUFI Line Section is no more, (at least as we know it!). Its been moved from its tranquil setting behind ATC to the FRT wksps. :cry:

    We'd like to get a brass plaque affixed to the outside of 110.3 fac with the names of alll the Lineys/Telemechs that have done time there since 1987 when the building was first occupied by the Mighty Line. I know this could be an impossible task because there must be hundreds of names, but the funding is in place - its just finding out the names.

    Any suggestions as to where I could find out these names would be very much appreciated.

    'Line Raaaaa'
  2. Be harder to skive now.
  3. What a task that would be. I suppose all you can do is put it out to units. Telemech world isn't that big. Good luck sifting through the replies though.

    Still, its a shame to see it go.

  4. You could try speaking to Glasgow, and ask if its possible to run a query on the Unicom database for all those who have Driver lineman/Inst Tech as their CEQ and also have Falkland Islands in their Theatre Details section. It wont capture people who have left, changed trades or i believe are now RD, but it might save a chunk of the work.
  5. There would be a few retours too I would think. One fella, lets call him JP just for the sake of it must have had his own reserved seat on the Timmy.
  6. Roger all your comments - thanks.

    Guru - how dare you suggest we skive!!! the very thought! (besides, we got a simplex lock fitted to our new workshop door so we can still skive!).

    Boney - Glasgow just qoute the Data Protection Act when you ask them owt.

    Looks like we'll just have to settle for a general memorial plaque - thanks for yer suggestions though.
  7. Maybe you could approach George Galloway to come down to unveil it, it'd be good PR for him.
  8. Then make an official application under the Data Protection Act for the information!!! Play them at their own game, and while your at it ask for an official count of the windows with a surface area under 0.85 square meters in Kentigern House. Teach them a lesson for being ****!!!
  9. PM me Mighty
  10. What about the few of us techs that lived up there after I got the FITEN section moved in '98? I knew a good thing when I saw it!
  11. Never knew Techs were tolerated in the Mechs-nest!! Shocking!! (only joking Chris!)

    After facing reality, I realise its gonna be an impossible task to get all the names. We've asked the chippies to make a nice big cross and we'll put a brass plaque with suitable wording on it. Will post a pic in the gallery when its done - probably next week.
  12. 'fraid so Mighty, probably didn't last that long though (there was only 3 of us) Far more enjoyable working up that end than being stuck down with the rest of the unit :wink:

    Why the decision to move the section? I assume many changes have happened since '98 and no justification to stay up there any more?
  13. Chris .....and I quote, "Command and control"(!)

    I'll say no more - but the OC is keen to have all his eggs in one basket.

    I really couldn't put up a valid argument as to why Line should stay put.

    He wants AMS to move into the FRT building too - you should hear them winge about that one!

    Plaque has been done for the cross - will post a pic next week.
  14. alright guys/girls

    not sure if this blog is still open as i found by mistake, if your still looking for names for ex jcufi line section names i served the mighty line section in 2002 my memory isn't the best but i can remember most who served with me if you need any info email me please and i'd be more tahn happy to reply cheers tonybarclay06@btinternet.com
  15. any pics yet?