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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by UlsterFry, May 19, 2005.

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  1. Due to attend my pre-Falklands course in the next few months, was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on course content etc?

    Also, any information on the newest/best place to piss wages up the wall would be good too! :wink:

  2. Hmmm, it is the most boring course you will ever do, im serving in the Falklands at the mo, JCUFI is wa*k, horrible tour, dont come here you will hate it. Ciao;)
  3. Best start working on your "pub fitness". It's powerdrinking all the way!
  4. Watch out for the RAF....yes ladies and gents...the RAF. People that think they are better than the army and make sure they know about it.

    I had an arguement with a WRAF b***h, whose husband is in the RAF Regiment. So I called him a army wannabe. So she pointed out that her husband isn't army wannabe....he wanted to be in the RAF Regiment. Of course I knew that the RAF Regiment did it's training at Catterick on the Infantry course but now they do their training elsewhere but still try to play infanteer and I told her the same thing and she stil maintained that he wasn't a army wannabe and thought he'd join the RAF cos they were better than the army. She is a silly unintelligent woman...she was even childish enough to hold a grudge everytime I saw her.

    I went into the accountants office to get some paperwork signed and of course, we're looking for the department which has no sign except on the door that was opened inwards and not on one of those flaggy things above the door. So we went upstairs and downstairs looking for the department, eventually walk into the room and asked nicely. The RAF clerk (some LAC) says 'Ahh you must be army then since the sign was on the door.' Of course there is no need to tarnish everyone with the same RAF wit. I laughed when a guardsman was on an exercise with the RAF Regiment and stated how crap they were at the infanteer stuff that they should be trained on. The guardsman section made an attack on the RAF Regiment; who were playing enemy; and all they could do is lie there on the ground and THINK FOR AGES as to what to do next. In the meantime, the army section were shouting abuse at the enemy and throwing stuff at them to get them to get a move on.

    Now whose better. RAF are a bunch of civvies at times. Many a time has a squaddie wanted to throw a punch at them. The navy are brillient people to hang out with. If you're on a mountain site then there is lots of RAF to deal with and lots Sedexo and Power generator type civvies too.

    Or and watch out for the ignorant Irish Chef, he's big, fat and constantly complains about how nobody does any work. But doesn't realise all the times you'd get up at 2,3,4am to walk 200m in the wind, rain, fog to go into your cabin to reseat a card or spend longer working on a fault.

    Watch out for the stupid RAF officers that are even bigger hypocrits. When the hierarchy of the mountain site want a time extension on bar hours. They are normally refused but if an officer of Sqn Leader rank comes up, he needn't ask anyone and will expect a bar extension to whatever time he choses. He lost and I won as I ran the bar and I wasn't getting an inch more than 1 hour out of me just to prove the point. If we don't it well nor are you.

    If the RAF tells you, 'What happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain' well that's false, What happens on the mountain, gets in the bar at Mt Pleasent. Don't do ANY intros, cos that gets in the bar down at Mt Pleasent. Oh and be aware that these RAF officers treat everyone all the way up to Chief Tech (equivalent to SSgt) like children.

    Oh and it's a long way to get anywhere on Mt Pleasent....prepare to get drunk quite a lot of the time.

    All in all, it's a crap place to go to.