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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by lozenge, Jan 10, 2002.

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  1. Here's a big hello to all you JCSE stars of the future. For those of you who just turned up 'cos you had to, I hear the Nursing Times has a few vacancies.
  2. Of course its not like in my day when it was hard, of course there were lots of exams and morning questions and people being whipped before breakfast. None of this getting pissed and smashing the place up!

  3. CDS


    Just give me the nod and I'll sack him.  I can you know, I can! ;)
  4. mungo

    mungo Reviewer

    Free the JCSC 2!
  5. Mungo, who are the JCSC 2 and what have they done...tell all.
  6. Yes let us know Mungo .... we might be able to publicise their plight!
  7. The CO and myself are keen to hear more on the JCSC 2.  Can someone spill more beans?

  8. CDS


    Yes, tell me more.  Although, if they elect for trial by a higher authority I'm bound to get involved somewhere along the line.  Remember, if anyone is thinking of selling the story to the press then I'd be most greatful as the Defence Budget is in a bad way.  £300.00 a mile to run a Challenger, you know!

    May I also say that, thanks to this informative site I have now sacked the SO1 Gravy.  Well no-one told me that cars didn't run on gravy!!  Just thought it was another Combat Supply.  Come on guys, I'm the Boss - need the info.
  9. With out swinging the old lamp too much....When I was on JDSC a Cav Officer (LG I think) missed a lecture and was siiting in the ante room reading the Sun when Commandant walked in, showing a group of Far Eastern generals about.

    The Cav officer looked over the top of the Sun and just gave a cheery "Hullo" and got back to reading the rag.

    The piss was taken but charged NEVER...It is all getting a little to **** for me.    
  10. I was there with old buncey wuncey - what a prat!  Didn't do his corps any favours!  Even worse news - he has just pick up his Lt Col!!!  There is hope for all of us...
  11. Tell me chaps do the marines on the course still wear their best laura ashley frocks on college smokers, that really sent the DS hopping in my day
  12. Not seen any Royals in their best bib and tucker recently - however the AJD bird wearing a rather cut down toga with red high heels in Kitchener Hall last night looked a bit of all right!  However, the DTC MA bloke wearing a well tailored blazer made out of DPM didn't do it for me - although I gather he enjoyed himself climbing over the fences surrounding the football pitch on his way back from the college club.

    As an aside, the thought Police have acted quickly - no longer can we access this site from the Shrivenham site.  Don't worry we will continue to bring you the latest gossip from our home accounts!
  13. Bahh... not attending lessons....in my day one of our course went on holiday to Greece for a week (during Defence Studies) OK he didn't pass the exam but what a great week he had!!
  14. Sad....

    As they say if you can't take a joke ....

    ...and his case he shouldn't have!
  15. We have regular 'informal' lunches with the Comdt so that he can question us and find out the views of 'the chap down at the sharp end of the trench'.

    Why doesn't he save his rations bill and log onto this site?