Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Biffta112, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know how soldiers are selected for JCLM and after the new rule on having to be substansive for two years before being considered for promotion are there going to be more courses run?
  2. Are you refering to Part 3 of the CLM programme; the AEC one-week course? If so you apply using the form in the back of the Work Based Learning folder. Course dates are published in the relevant DIN.
  3. No mate, Royal Signals JCLM course.
  4. Where I am you have to go and see the Courses Clerk, put ib a course app and them MCMDiv decide who attends the courses. I'm guessing that this will be the same for the majority of the units. Best bet is the training wing or courses clerk.
  5. Submitted several course aps through the training wing over the last six months and still not loaded onto a course, my unit is off to afghan at the end of 2009 so unless i can get on a course before then i will have to wait until two years after the tour until i am eligable for promotion again.
  6. I bet your Sqn YofS has a hotline to the courses desk at APC Glasgow. Ask him for some advice.
  7. Cheers, will speak to the yeoman, just kind of feel stitched up with this new two year rule coming in.
  8. have you been selected for promotion to Cpl ? if not mate you will find that you are a lower priority and prob won't go on (not always i know) if you have been selected then you should start harrassing YofS !
  9. As far as I know, the way it works now is:

    JCLM Part 1: RSJCLM & FCC at Blandford.
    JCLM Part 2: 6 Months Workbook
    JCLM Part 3: AEC 1 week course

    The 2 years Substantive rank comes into it that once you have completed all above, you must sit at Substantive Cpl for 2 years before been considered for promotion to Sgt.

    Getting on Part 3 is easy enough, and you can do this before Part 1. Getting on Part 1 is the hard bit because it works on a Priority system, and you will be low priority unless you are Acting Cpl in post, or selected for Cpl (and/or awaiting promotion on posting).

    After JCLM Part 1 you are given your Workbook and have to complete 6 months "Work Based Learning" units, then Substantive rank is granted after all three parts completed.

    Hope this helps. Treat yourself.
  10. Just to follow up on this-the policy states that you can assume sub rank after completion of Part 1 (Arms & Services). Signals policy is "JNCOs will attend RSJNCO CLM on selection for promotion to corporql. The MS Soldiers Division...will load the RSJNCOCLM."

    Hope this helps
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    You should be put forward for JCLM by your SQN 2IC, unless they're useless like mine was. They're responsible for your carer management within the Regt and get all the dates for courses. If you have a RCMOs interview they will give you your suggested courses etc for the next few years, they should suggest timeframes for this to be completed and be able to tell you if there are places on courses for this to happen.
  12. I got promoted last september.
  13. start whinging mate as you should be highest proirity for this course and you are marking time untill you do it !
  14. If you are TA it will be a weekend course followed by your 2 week YofS course.
  15. Cheers mate, just got off a course so will go in and start moaning about it after christmas leave. And no, i am not TA.