Discussion in 'Juniors' started by The Thing, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Hello I'm after some advice

    I have past clm and a infantry nco carder I transferred to REME I have just been told I have to do another one as there are parts that are different. Can some one pleas cast some light on this and what it involves and how long it is pleas.
  2. I take it CLM doesn't include spelling, grammar or punctuation.

    You need to speak to your Tp/Pl Comd, CSM/SSM or RCMO. If they can't tell you, you need to approach your local education centre (they are the ultimate authorities on all things CLM).
  3. It will be JCLM part one. There's probably a couple of hours on SADCHAP you just couldn't function as a REME soldier without.


    Speak to your section head, PC If you must.
  4. Brave-coward

    Do you normally take the piss out of dyslexic people or are you a whingy mofo.

    But Thank you for the info.
  5. Christ you should see orders pre spellchecker.