Discussion in 'REME' started by Reme_Armr, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    Anyone here on the JCLM pt 1 at Arborfield 22 April - 8th May?
    I am on it and really need to get hold of some joining instructions for it. (Need to book room, accomodation, and need to see a kit list). Anybody got a copy they could send me?
    I have spoke to the Cse Loading Clerk twice now and been told they are "In the post". Problem is my unit has now shut down for leave so i can't get any post until the 20th, and that doenst give me my 48 hours to book a hire car (especially if i need to be there on the 21st which i don't know without seeing some joining instructions).
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Get the courses clerk to fax the joining instructions. I'm sure she won't mind - this is how I have got joining instructions in the past.
  3. I dont have a fax machine!
  4. Surely you must know someone who has a fax at work, Local TA unit is guaranteed to have one?
  5. Ask for an e-mail then.
  6. I don't have the number for the clerk. I had a mil phone number when i was at work but now work is shut and im at home on leave.
    Anybody done one of these new "2008" JCLM courses?
    I've done a "2004" JCLM1A but that now is equivalent to PNCOCLM and i have to do JCLM pt. 1 for Sub Cpl
    Is it all in the field? Or is it classroom based?

    Please only reply if you have something helpful to say
  7. If he/she's a civilian clerk, which no doubt he/she is at Arborfield, he/she'll no doubt be back to work later next week. Apart from faxing to a local unit, you could get them E-Mailed to your personal E-Mail account using IGS 'Release-Authorised', as long as they are below Restricted. Failing that, book the car using a note stating that that you'll produce the JI's before you depart.
  8. r u taking the piss or is this post a wind up, if i was in your c of c and found out that u had written this drivel i would cancel your JCLM.
    remind me what JCLM stands for!!!!