Jclm pt 1 changes for techs!!!!

Hey im looking for some advice im currently a LCpl REME Tech, i have been since june 2011 i have been on tour and many ex etc and am now on my 2nd posting i know that recently the timed promotion of techs has been binned but there seems to be some confusion as to when its possible to promote or attend a jclm course pt 1.

As it stands im waiting on my 2nd sjar which should reccomend me for promotion to Cpl (for the first time) and in antcipation of this my new unit have bid and loadded me on to JCLM pt 1 this september.

I have heard various rumours that im now overdue and should have been on jclm ages ago and then just days later that no im not over due in fact im doing it too early as i have not been LCpl for 2 years until june this year

Can any one shed some light on this situation as i dont fancy doing JCLM again if its only valid for 12 months and i dont get promoted as currently expeceted

Thanks a lot
Will start by asking for some clarification , please tell me if I'm wrong but you say you've been in since 2011 and are already on your second LCpl SJAR; does this include your phase 1&2 training? Sounds a little fishy on the timescale.
To answer your question though, there is nothing to say you can't JCLM without being selected or acting Cpl, you will just be a lower priority in getting a place on the course; if you can get on a course go for it.
As for timed promotion, techs no longer get it for full screw and above. It's all the same across the Corps. work hard, wait until you're eligible and show your capable and you may get promoted.
Don't want to sound condescending but a REME tradesmen ready for full screw would know where to look and exactly who to ask about current policy on their career not listening to idle gossip. The MS webpage and CLM handbook is a good start.

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