JCLM.....Now 2 weeks?!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by monkeyfcuk, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know or heard any info about JCLM only being 2 weeks long?
  2. Wouldn't suprise me. Isn't the SCLM just two weeks plus one weeks BITS/DITS/MOI (please delete as applicable).
  3. i heard that DITS has been scraped and the exercise phase! Buckshee
  4. have you lot been smoking crack?
    SCLM is 4 weeks (2 weeks CLM and 2 weeks FCC (Field command course) no DIT!
    JCLM is 5 weeks (as above plus one week DIT)

    treat yourself!!
  5. JCLM also do a week on PD19 as well thats why its a week longer
  6. I heard that the PNCO has been stretched to 5 weeks now, and covers alot of the JCLM. Thats why its been dropped to 2 weeks
  7. you heard wrong!

    and the PD19 is only 3 days and is over a weekend so applicants from other units can attend!