JCB wins £14m order from French Army

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. After the 334 Land Rover, now 92 backhoe loaders....a good time for UK companies in France !

    JCB has won an order from the French military for modified 4CX backhoe loaders worth £14m. The Rocester-built armoured and camouflaged machines are expected to be deployed in conflict zones around the world by engineer regiments.

    The 4CX on which the French military machine is based was taken from JCB’s commercial range and has a 40km/h top speed. It has been adapted to meet the Army’s technical specifications including ballistic protection of the cab using special glass and steel, and modifications to make the machine air transportable.

    JCB Sales managing director David Bell said: “The order was won on the back of three main criteria: the availability of an ‘off-the-shelf machine’; the service support that JCB France can provide and the fact that the JCB Group has its own government and defence unit, which underlined our commitment to this sector.”

  2. How many reverse gears does it have? I am guessing 5 reverse and 1 forward
  3. Oh man that is so should copyright your French jokes and earn a fortune....they never get old.

    Thanks fantassin
  4. yeah your right, it was 5 in the morning here though.
  5. For 92 backhoe loaders @ £14M, by my reckoning that's £152,173 each, for quite a bit of complex equipment.

    Does this include developing interface specifications, sub-system testing, design of vehicle integration kits, centre of gravity calculations, re-design and re-manufacture to beef up automotive components, electronics and power systems,then there's qualification testing, EMC tests, handling trials, not to mention reliability trials, user trials, safety cases... I could go on! Now I accept that there's a difference between a JCB and a Chally 2, but a lot of the same principles still apply.

    I only bring this up because when The British Army buy anything, that's the reason equipment sems a tad overpriced.

    IE [​IMG]





    Just asking.
  6. Fair enough, early morning posts get me too, it's just after those 10 French paras were killed, I've started disliking those kinds of comments. Nothing personaly against you mate.

    and sorry for the preachyness :oops:
  7. its all good mate, I forgot about that one
  8. I'm suprised they went for JCB. Personnally I don't like them that much. There is a serious lack of power in both the front end and backhoe. You need to take very thin scrapes in anything other than loose soil. The method of moving the backhoe (hydraulic clamps on a slider) is pretty dog toffee as you can't just simply move the backhoe without trashing the ground. The exhaust rattles around like nobodies business. I don't like the steering set up as I prefer pivot steering. On the up side the cab is pretty comfortable and the smooth ride system is pretty good.
  9. I doubt the figure is just for the purchase. Through life support, spares packages, training etc etc are normal to be included in costs. Your understanding of procurement is a bit short if you think the Army pays too much for kit - sometimes it does, but through life support has a cost too.
  10. Yes but a JCB has always been ackowledged as not being the best at anything but capable of doing a bit of everything.
    They aren't perfect but they are very versatile and unlike a lot of other excavators they can be driven to location (yeh I know, not great fun and not very quickly)
    Whatsmore, its a damned sight better than digging with a spade :D
  11. The old Hydreme was great. Whilst not that comfortable, a poor (not so) quick hitch system and a really carp forks set up (the back plate weights around 150lbs so setting it up on your own is nails) they were really good. Give me a Hydrema with new rams over a JCB any day.
  12. Gents, gents, gents. Let's not get too carried away with the cost, this-is-better-than-that, the pesskie, cheese-eaters etc. We should be commending JCB for landing an order for kit in a very tough market. Well done!