JCB telelehandler, ok whose making money on this then?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, May 30, 2008.

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  1. right troops, this week i have mostly been doing my jcb telehandler rtfl (what happenedd to flrt) conversion,now here are my problems -
    they have been on the mt park for months now but with no authority for use by alc, the owners of these things.
    end of this month we loose our old faithfull j cab 4010 :( and we only started conversion this week, half the sqn are deployed so will come back and have to spend valuable time converting.
    the thing is made from mainly plastic - mudguards, engine cowel,etc etc. the fuel filter has to be emptied/inspected every 50 hours, so you have to call out alc who do all servicing / repair. to get to filter you pull out a flap that is kept in with pastic grommets, the dials in the cab are flimsy as shoite.
    there is no towbar, it is a 12 volt system so no slaving your wagons anymore, no rear license plate lights, so no public road use then. rear convoy lights but no white plate, oh i could go on for ages.
    with our trade we need a vehicle that can tow trailers ( old stylee j cab ) one you can use on road and one that when you extend the boom out you can lift more than a fag paper. we have had to bastardise a set of roller tynes for use, however they drastically reduce the weight carried when booming out, got extended tynes but not sure on use with bigger loads, cant load aircraft with them as they have'nt got a training matix knocked up yet.
    oh sorry, another whinge, we have two different sizes, big and small, the smaller is designed to go on the back of a drops, :D however, the one that we really need for cross country use in our trade is the larger one which is too wide for a drops and cannot go on a public road because the carriage has fixed tynes + plus other faults (see above) where as the smaller one has folding tynes for road use but is not so suitable according to our lads from mt who took it out the other day. i inquired about transporting the big toy and was told u_didnt, remember the old ten tonne tilt trailer that were withdrawn from service in the mid nineties, yep remember them well and the blowouts i had on the m6 (4 tyres in one day)
    well mate, says he, they are trialling them for carrying this thing 8O
    so my question is this - whose lined their pockets/got their mbe whilst purchasing this this thing as its not very squaddy proof.
    p.s, if we hadn't put j cab out to civi fitters then they would of worked alot better and be maintained better (my humbled opinion only )
  2. Seems a fair set of valid points. Have you staffed it up?
  3. Staff it up. If you do that ALC will be very happy to provide a substitute.

    As for the baby J's. I used one on Op Outload last year and it beat the 410 hands down, I was sceptical when it came in but it proved its worth ten times over.

    Don't knock it until you've tried it when it counts.
  4. I also think that all vehicles should come with aircon now. It should no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity.
  5. If you need to move the kit, speak to ALC about getting your drivers trained on the Kings Trailer, details in JSP 818. This is a piece of legacy equipment that was the in-service replacement for the tilt trailer, and it's a bloody good bit of kit. :thumleft:

    In the RE we use it for moving our Light Wheeled Tractors, towing it behind a Volvo FL12 dump truck, but I'm sure a drops would tow it fine (subject to checking the relevant specs).
  6. I'm with you on the fact that the 12.5T kings is a great bit of kit. It can carry not only light vehicles but also a 20ft ISO. I used one in day in and out on Telic 03 and had no problems, i even managed to carry two armoured heavy dozer blades weighing around 7T each and thrashed it cross country.

    If your using a DROPS to tow you need ballast on the DROPS as we do with the FL12 SLDT or you will be fish tailing all over the motorway :D
    Edited to add: don't forget the flat rack over hang on the rear so the load on the trailer has clearance for cornering :)

    Answer to your Q who's making money, well 1stly ALC then JCB. but thats their contract, and as far as i have seen they run a very efficiant service.
  7. It is new to you, so you are seeing all the faults. I had similar problems a few years ago with the death of J Cabs and the introduction of the telehandler as default RTFL for the RAF - the Q was a huge problem at the start as units just refused to grip the training until it was too late.

    Make sure you do staff up the problems you get - otherwise there is nothing wrong with it to the IPT. Now we're getting to grips with it, it isn't as bad as you paint it.
  8. What has the army come too.In my day it was "get in and go" and if it broke "get in there with a hammer"
  9. i've also been on a conversion course this week run by ALC.

    if you think that ALC do all the servicing and maint then you didn't listen, they only make sure that it is at least 3 months before it is due for service when it is delivered to you, as for the 50hrs thing check your 410 and you will see a little 50h sticker next to the fuel filter sediment bowl have a guess what that stands for.

    the machine should be perfectly adequate for use in any enviroment that the 410 was used in and if you dont treat it as rough as a 410 it should be fine.

    you will also find that there is a towbar being fitted now, agree about the on road thing as without a number plate light it isnt road legal and is too slow anyway also there is no where to stash any kit except on the CES cradle.

    i also mentioned a few things on my course critique that ALC took on board,mostly how can you be converted on to a vehicle that bears absolutely no resemblance to the one it is replacing.
  10. We've progressed from horses and swords :roll:
  11. Why have they purchased a sideshift and a standard version? we will end up with a situation like Telic1 with not enough GP flatracks, why didn't these get manufactured all as GP? The container ramps should sit bolted onto the ansil pallet, it has got "I'll just borrow these ramps off the RTFL for loading these flatracks with landrovers and then keep them in my garage". Plus they reduce visibility. I think it's a good piece of kit, I am now an official sunday driver after a 20mph, 10 mile road drive! how to make friends and influence the public.
  12. A lot of confusion , all put to bed by a good read of the JSP 818. Not all is bad you know.
  13. JCB - Made in England.

    Nuff said.
  14. Probably not now, but 3 and half years ago when the OP started the thread they were.
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  15. As "one of the ancient" I cut my teeth (and most of the other parts of my body) on the Eager Beaver..

    The best bit was when one dumped it's load of hydraulic oil over the OC - whilst slowly lowering a pallet of 155 shell to the ground!

    Oi did larf..!