JCB secures US Army deal

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wheel, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. X59

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  2. Were this lot voting then?

    Staff in Savannah, Georgia, were in celebratory mood.
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  3. I always thought for the Yanks to do any deal it had to to be a part owned Yank company, brilliant news
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  4. JCB have production facilities in the US. Assembly will be at Savannah, Georgia. With engines made at JCB Derby and axles made in Wrexham
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  5. Wait a cotton picking moment,
    President Trump approves this message. (By tweet).
  6. Wrong colour?
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. JCB's owners and management were big and very vocal supporters of Brexit, always available to be interviewed against the CBI, Branson and all the other remainer rent seekers. They really made a difference in terms of providing sensible real world counterpoints to 'Project Fear' (TM HMG Treasury) and were particularly effective in public meetings in the Midlands / North of England - London area people not really understanding what manufacturing is
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  9. they make a lot of bits in China as well
    I gather they are not well thought of in Germany after the way they shut down Vibromax
  10. Nice of you to put a positive spin on a Great British company. Have you ever thought of a career in PR ? .
    JCB has 18 factories in the UK, Germany, North and South America (Brasil), Australia, India, and China.
    They have very successfully exploited the military market.
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  11. A British company that sacked thousands of workers ?
    Sorry Personal experience of the company and its Owner might just make me a trifle biased
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  12. Its called business. Would you employ three lads to assist you on a job when one would suffice.
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  13. other issues I wont go into here sorry
    i could happily belt Bamford in the mush, but I would be in a long queue
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