JC questioned after chavs complain!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigbird67, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. But at least the report makes it seem that an element of common sense prevailed when it was looked into. Right On JC ..... deck one next time!!! :x
  2. how far should he have gone further than he did surely?
  3. gotta see that cctv footage,give em one up thier backsides with thier bottles of hooch, then ram thier 10pks of mayfair down thier little throats then knock thier baby teeth out!!

    good going jc but be careful when you swing for thier faces as the hairgel and wetness behind the ears will deflect your blow!
    go for thier boll0cks as they are always grabbing it,so basically aim for the left hand!
  4. That's the problem with Chav scum. They like to dish the abuse out and claim to hate the cops, but as soon as someone gives them what they deserve they squeal like a stick pig to the police.

    Chavs....what's the point in them?
  5. and how much time was wasted by the police following this drivel up?
  6. Loads mate. Would involve a PC going to jonny chavs house, try to pretend not to think "you deserved it you little cnut". Then go and see JC to clear it up at the other end.

    As little as 5 years ago it would have been. Police turn up, tell chav to pizz off, send JC on his way with a wave and a smile, hopefully getting a photo of you taken of him, with you, by the panda and his autograph to show the rest of the shift.
  7. Seagull
    I think that you've accurately summed it you. This country is really going wrong somewhere. Is it all the lawyers in Parliament making stupid laws or something more fundamental? I always try to look hoodies in the eye and snarl at them. They don't like it but I'm an old man and rarely go anywhere very dangerous now. Oh for an M16.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I've got my rights, innit?
  9. I notice that JC ,being a celebrity, was questioned at home but the young lad who was questioned about the flasher in Tamworth was taken into the police sation and questioned. Good luck to JC but it still seems there's one law for them and one for us.
  10. In the circs, craftsmanx you should be careful introducing a class-based gripe. There is only one definition of "them" and "us" that I am interested in on this occasion. Them being scrotey teenagers running as a pack in the period before they realise "Yes, this IS actually what your life is like and you had your chance but blew it" and Us being decent people, trying to get on with it.
  11. Because they know that the police are 'impartial' and have plenty of boxes to tick. They're not that stupid... unlike Dibble who seem to fall for it every time:

    Bloke stands up to gang of chavs, gives them a slap etc. Chavs complain (with photo 'evidence'). CO20 turn up, nick the bloke for assault, he ends up in court and the chavs laugh their cocks off in the public gallery as a good man is sent down on a child assault conviction... and all that entails.

    JC is VERY lucky plod didn't nick him for precicely that.
  12. Not sure he was lucky at all, Buck -

    If anything, the chavs were lucky that JC chose not to press the issue further. Bl**dy liberal, bleeding heart do-gooder that he is... :twisted:

  13. Targets will fall when hit?
  14. hmmm, good one, I was thinking of human mine detectors or sniper bait.