Jazz to funk and back again thread

It's time for a Jazz/funk, jazz and funk thread... especially to counteract any offensive rock and metal (ewwww 'get behind thee Satan'!) - from Coltrane and Brubeck to Level 42 to The Fatback Band - there is a home here:

My Favourite Things


Bus Stop (my Christmas CD!) (note how to conserve energy whilst drumming!)


Well, if you insist, takes me back to The Strand, Portstewart somewhere in 1980/81 when this stuff was everywhere on 12 inchers (we wish). Westminster Records, The Chimes, american imports and nothing from the charts or you were square :lol: Zoot suits, double breasted shirts and those funny trousers with pleats and turn-ups ( oh the shame ) :oops:

The best of British Jazz Funk LP (yes, LP) and people such as
Incognito, Beggar and Co, Lonnie Liston Smith, Roy Ayers, George Benson, Change, Level 42, Ronnie Laws, Beggar and Co, Savanna, Jocelyn Brown, Gwen Guthrie, The Crusaders, D-Train... and it goes on and on.

Chr+st that got me thinking :lol:


One of the best shops I ever got to for my Jazz Funk was Groove Records in Soho, American imports, Japanese cutouts, top dollar for top 12" vinyl, every Friday afternoon was spent there after work at 14.30. Mate at the time was a freelancer for Blues and Soul magazine, we used to get freebies for all kinds of gigs, one of the best and funniest was Mezzoforte, an Icelandic JF band at Ronnie Scotts, their manager met us at the door, loaded us up with beer and we watched the gig, we left plastered with a free cd of the band, following day we couldn't remember waht the band were like, so he wrote the report based on the cd.


The old memory is whirring with a bit of Port oil now :eek:

There was some right old sh+te about too. That new romantic stuff wasn't the real deal. Buying Jazz Funk was a bit like Car Boot sales, it took a while to sort through the crap. Sometimes you got a gem and not a ringer :wink:

And what was that illicit London radio in station in the 80's ? JazzFM or something? we used to get the tapes off mates when they came back off leave. Cowell and Co haven't got a feckin clue have they... :lol: :lol:



Beggar and Co:
Guru, I agree with Freez-Southern Freez, but sans lyrics, that doris ruined a good funk track, the instrumental was on the B-side of the vocal version on 12" vinyl, the guitar riffs were fan-fcuking-tastic. LOTW were good but as soon as they co sung on a Spandau Ballet track, their days amongst the afficienados were numbered.

One of the all time greats - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I54DgVennXU ...........dare you not to get down and groove.
I nicked that BBQ Band album from a lad in my Sqn......
the_guru said:
I nicked that BBQ Band album from a lad in my Sqn......
Ya bloody peasants, it's BB&Q, for Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens, jeeeeez :wink:

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