Jay Jays Webbing for sale



I'm selling a set of 'Jay Jays' webbing, purchased from www.jayjaysbrecon.co.uk for £160 and only used the once.

It consists of; (From left to right as worn);

1x set velcro fastening ammo pouches with 109 pouch attached, Utility pouch with attachment for bayonet frog, three further utility pouches and on the extreme right, a further utility pouch with a velcro fastening pouch attached to it for smoke / FFD (or a thermal flask fits in there quite nicely if you're on the ranges). All stitched to a hippo pad which runs the full length of the pouches, fastened by a roll pin belt. This bit of kit seems pretty solid, UK spec DPM and all pouches (less the velcro ones, obviously) are fastened with clips and not the usual 'spanish fly' arrangement seen on PLCE.

I'm selling this now as, all things considered, it's just not right for my (Non-Inf) role and my upcoming holiday to the dustbowl of dreams will require something rather different, used once for a week long range package, other than that it's brand spankers.

They say a picture tells a thousand words so here goes;

Detail of Roll-Pin buckle arrangement.

Ammo pouches with 109 pouch attached (Also fits a Garmin GPS nicely)

Detail of bayonet frog attachments.

Sensible offers around the £100 mark if you will, (please note that my hand, watch and rather natty MSQ table are NOT included in the sale, the missus would kill me!)


Many apologies, I've been away for a bit, I still have this up for grabs to the highest bidder

(I can't be arrsed sticking it on WaltBay and dress it up with ARMY/SAS/PARA/COMMANDO tags only to end up selling it to some airsofter type)

PMs welcome...

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