Jaws off Kernow?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ozduke, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Oz - an effing big shark off blighy mate - go for a swim and you will see loads round your way. Cornish tourist board deny it and say is is a Mako or another type. Whatever it is bugger swimmimg there!

    Tow experts have said it is a female Great White and there have been 2 potograph or videos of sharks of this type in 2 days!
  2. Let's not line up to be the first to physically prove or disprove it :)

    My suggestion would be for one of the local tourist board types to stand behind their words and potentially take one for the team.
  3. Push it towards France.

    That said, Kernow is virtually French anyway - just don't let it in to Devon's waters!!
  4. I bet it's a basking shark... harmless plankton feeders that migrate up the Irish Sea at this time of the year and frighten the grockles. They can grow to a fair size (20-30ft reportedly) and have been known to breach when they are frisky.

  5. Denied because 'its going to be the season ever this year' but give the Cornish tourist rip off board time and they'll come round to the profit potential this has and watch prices treble over night to go any where near any beach to possibly see 'Great white' or even see it take some hapless grockle :lol:
  6. It's an Iranian sub.
  7. Probably isn't a great white, however there is no reason why it shouldn't be. As with most large predators, the great white will go where the food is. The Uk has the largest seal colonies in europe and the water on the south coast is warm enough for the shark. There have been Great whites sighted regularly off Portugal and it is not uncommon to find them in the med.

    Definately the time to take some of our young offenders on an "educational fishing trip" though on the off chance.
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The White Pointer is a cold water fish by preference not a tropical fish as many assume although it will live happily on more or less any deep ocean with an adequate food supply. There is no reason to assume that they are not regularly in British waters as their nearest relative, the Mako or Blue Pointer, is a common fish round here.

    Some biologists have even argued that the Blue and White pointer are merely variations of the same species.
  9. I could be wrong but the largest great white ever caught was in the med many years ago. I did once see on the Discovery ch a bloke saying that there was a major colony of them there, so it would be no shock to find one up here.
  10. Despite the protestations of a shark expert in The Sun, no doubt highly paid by News International, the dorsal fin is not the shape of that of a Great White. It is different in profile even from the diagram of a Great White kindly provided by The Scum in its edition today :roll:

    Even if it is a Great White, I really can't see what the fuss is about, if it hadn't been for Jaws would we care?
  11. boom, boom, boom boom......

  12. Great Whites are mackerel sharks which, similar to fish of the Tuna family can elevate their body temperature above the ambient temperature by as much as 5 degrees f. This makes them fast and efficient hunters but this comes with something of a restriction - water temperature. The higher the water temp the harder it is to elevate the body temp above that of the water so Great Whites tend to stay away from tropical waters in preference of more temperate zones. This is witnessed by the three most "popular" places for GW's:-

    California's "Red Triangle": It's cold... Diving in early September when the water temp should be at it's warmest the air temp was in the mid seventies but the surface temp was 66ish. The first thermocline was at about 15 feet and took the temp to 58. By the time we were at 45 feet the temp was in the high 40s.

    South Africa: Again... Far from topical, 6 mil wetsuits or drysuits seem to be the norm

    Southern Australia... See South Africa.

    I don't see the British coast being too different to the above.
  13. Well it isn't exactly unknown in water of that temperature at those latitudes is it...

    A) Distribution[​IMG]

    B)1916 New Jersey

    Nor indeed is it unknown for the Scum to try and whip up a Great White off Cornwall feature during the silly season...2003 was the last attempt I believe? It is recorded that a Great White was seen off cornwall in the mid-nineteenth centruy and perhaps the climatic cycle has come around once more, enticing the beasts into our waters. Or maybe it is fleeing the Caribbean to avoid Cherie and Tony when they go for their holidays??
  14. Great Whites definately cruise along the coast here as far North as Maine in the Summer months... very diverse critter and not one I would want to have a disagreement with.

    Been doing the scuba thing since the mid 80's and have to say that only two forms of marine life that made me nervous enough to abort a dive were a massive swell of jellyfish off the coast of Virginia and a school of barracuda off of Sharm el Shiek in the Sinai. The former was encountered when I had a shorty suit on with exposed skin and the latter when my dive buddy and I had chrome fronts on our regulators... thos 'cuda move too darned fast to take chances with and have a reputation for snapping at shiny things.