"Jaw dropping" crash in global birth rate.


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All figures estimated.

Black Death (1347-51) world population decrease: 30-50%
Great Plague (1665) London population decrease: 15%

Stuff it. Too much like hard work assimilating disparate data sources. Try this:

I don't think nature can do plagues like what she used to could.

Edit for CA.
Yup, I'm aware of the difference, but the reply seems to relate to the concept under discussion (population reduction) rather than the grammatical construction. Would look better as "we need fewer people, not more".
Think I'll go and put my pipe on and smoke my slippers...
Any data around on what this thing does to folks who lack immunity, ie, HIV/AIDS infected?


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can we start with the caravan utilising nomadic traveller types??
Have you not seen the screeching in the UK MSM ?

Perhaps it's just the UK but the virus is apparently hitting the BAME community hardest.
I've seen plenty of fat Nigerians. I used to have the deep joy of greeting the daily Virgin flight (VS0652) from Lagos at Heathrow Terminal 3 as it arrived on stand. Put it this way, the few skinny Nigerians that there were were right down the back and, usually, were to found on the much cheaper Arik into Terminal 4.
If what I heard yesterday about COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa is correct, then instant sunshine will not be needed.
Really? At the moment it seems like the US, Brazil and the UK are the only ones coughing our last in the metaphorical Crimean Hospital while everyone else has basically larged it up.
Tell me more. I’ve been saying for months that Africa is being decimated by Covid, and the only reason we’re not hearing about it is because reporters are staying the hell away.
I am inclined to agree; the security environment in Africa is now such that movement outside of the biggest cities is too dangerous.


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Indeed. Sounds pretty grim. Apologies for source . . .

Interesting cultural issues:
As infection numbers rise across much of South Africa, the dire situation in the Eastern Cape offers some important lessons for other provinces.

One doctor cited a "culture of not wanting to discomfort your superiors which means people don't often tell it like it really is.

"People just pretend everything's fine."

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