Javlin Barracks Part 3 (admin)

Javlin Barracks is progressing quite well now what with the new bowling alley and such.

But my gripe at the moment is the fuel coupons and mehrwertsteuer office. They are closed over dinnertime. Dinnertimes is when the majority of soliders try and get there admin done as they are busy during normal working time.

Perhaps They could take there dinner earlier say 11:30 to 12:30.

I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way.

This is for single soldiers who don't have wife's to go pay the bill's or collect fuel coupons.

Red Blooded  :-/
You could go at NAAFI break mate, but i will agree with you, it should be open at lunch. Javelin has come in for alot of stick on this site, and much of it is well deserved. Complain up the chain mate, i suggest the welfare office, thier the only ones that get listened to these days.

At the end of the day i agree with you, after all, your a red blooded IS Op. We must stick together!!!!!
Part 3 came about because I thought what I had to say was very important and I didn't want people to miss it. That is why I put admin in the brackets.

I am sorry if you think I am stealing your thunder, but this I feel is a different aspect of Jav Barracks and deserved a new topic.

Red Blooded ???



Have you got anything else to  say on all these Elmpt/Jva Bks pages apart from "Jav Bks is excellent"?

that would probably mean that he would have to break into at least 2 lines of text :D

at least with his short replies you get the message and move straight on to something more meaningful :D
My god is this all you have talk about?
Your posted here accept it and move on I've never known such a whiney buch of people in my life!
It is s**te though ha ha ha    ;D
Too right, the BFG Office is open through dinner time and why not the Mergi Office and Fuel Coupons. REMEMBER THE SIGN on the way into camp, BUILDING THE BEST etc etc (Well Trying too anyway).

It is a KNOSH camp and too many different rules for each Unit and differnet Standdown days etc etc. 7 Sigs are about 2 Days ahead of 16 Sigs on this.

16 Sigs get days off when the Kids are at School and the wives are still at work. NO POINT REALLY, I just get pissed the night before and Sleep until the wife and kids get home.

TOP communication between Units.
If you dont like the management of 7 Sigs or 16 Sigs then why not try 280 (UK) Psycho Squadron. They do things differenty. Instead of the guid old Brittish Army "Hurry up and wait", its wait for ages then panic when the management realise that the should have done things yesterday. And then they blame everyone else (poor cleaners, they only came in to empty the bins). Everyday is a comedy of errors.

Brilliant posting for moral....and 6848's.

Shrek forever......! :roll:

NATO give up...! :(


I am one of the old'uns probably left before most of you joined!...

but what the fcuk have you lot got to complain about?

yes squaddies are die hard whingers! part and parcel of it..but bloody hell!

talk about rattles thrown out the pram, why not except what you have? or complain to the right authorities, as has been suggested!

try living in Germany and enjoy it, get the fcuk out of bruggen(as was in my day) you are serving over there not in Britain. can't get petrol cause it's lunch-time jeez.... are they not allowed lunch break? change yours then why does everybody have to change for you?.(don't supposed you asked the troop Sgt!

maybe 7 sigs should relocate back to their old barracks at herford and 16 back to Krefeld.

suppose next one will be they don't supply enough plug sockets to plug my ps2 in?
maybe try and be a little more proffesiona, have you seen other arms threads on what they think of the Corps? some have more respect for Crab Air than you lot..

Rant overl

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