Discussion in 'Infantry' started by allyjs, May 18, 2007.

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  1. It's a fire and forget missile once it has locked onto a tank it will follow that tank what ever it does.
  2. Good report and a cracking demolition!
  3. It's pretty easy to learn too, similar to a Playstation to control. And as soon as the round is released, you load another, ready to fire possibly before the first has hit it's target!

    It would certainly be on my packing list. 8)

  4. That Alastaire Leithhead bloke seems to do some pretty good reports. Is funny though, in that video him trying to give a report over the noise of the GPMG going only a few metres away at about 1:45.
  5. The Javilen is an excellent system... it's one downside is the amount of weight the poor troopie in a light infantry outfit tasked with operating it has to hump. To my somewhat deviant mind, taking them out of the platoon weapon squad and creating a Javilen section mounted on small quad ATVs as a company assett would be a better option... but hey, I am not responsible for doctrine.
  6. It's awesome and a bit of kit that the Inf is damn lucky to have. It's just a shame that there aren't more missiles to train with, but at £20K a missile IIRC (correct me if i'm wrong), it's not surprising there isn't more available.

  7. When I was looking at them the other day i was informed that each missile is £43k each
  8. Bloody hell. It looks like they do a good job so got to be worth it.

    Is the milan going completely out of service now?
  9. I found MILAN easy to control on the trainers but I could never get into Playstation! Guess it's an age thing.
  10. I bet it is mate.
  11. Oh well what can i say about the javelin?? Apart from it is awsome. Seen it in action loads of times, and its good. Makes a massive bang on impact, and it looks like its going over the target before it drops to ground ontop of it. I wouldn't like to be on the recieving end :oops:
  12. I liked the bit about the liquid cooled seeker, very trick.

    I wouldnt like carrying though, dont it weigh about 30 pounds??
  13. Good footage of direct vs. top-attack: youtube
  14. ....and that doesn't include the cost of the damage at the other end!

    T C