Discussion in 'REME' started by Rock_Star_John, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Could someone please tell me what the sequence is to access the maintenance BIT on the CLU?
  2. If you don't want to post, PM me.

  3. Why not phone DLO or email them? Surely that would be a bit more secure & sensible?
  4. He needed the info on a wednesday afternoon! Duh!
  5. Oh, well in that case he's buggered :)
  6. It took two tiffees (plural of tiffy; as in, toffees) three posts and three days to tell you you're fcuked.

    Things don't change then heh heh
  7. And another one to correct your somewhat fanciful spelling of tiffies.

    Singular Toffee, plural Toffees.

    Singular Tiffy, plural Tiffies.

    As in Butty, Butties.

    No don't thank me, the pleasure of assisting the sub-literate is reward enough.
  8. So none of us know the answer then? No change there either :)

    3 Tiffies to say he's buggered and an Artisan to tell us we're crap because we told him - again - no change :thumright:

    Maybe a craftie can help him out?
  9. So shouldn't it be Crafty instead of Craftie??? :shakefist:
  10. lol

    Whare wood we be wivout you eh guv.

    (a lot bettar orf)

    edited to for spelling misteaks
  11. No Crafty is an adjective, craftie is a noun.
    Obviously you wasted your time at school too eh :)