Javelin video

Does anyone have a copy of the Javelin video (its quite old!) where the second-stage motor goes off inside the tube, and blows the operator and his safety guy out the fire trench? If you could post a link or pm me to email me it, would much appreciate!!
Its bloody hilarious, first saw it on my basic jav in 93. The guys were OK, but their names long escape me. Some old AD sweat out there must have it
It just so happens I know the chap who had his helmet blown off very well! I shall have a word as I know he has it on video.
Cheers Flash!!! Looking forward to seeing the poor blokes misfortune again, tell him thanks for entertaining so many!
Not sure how long it will take as we are at different ends of the planet. Next time I speak to him I shall ask him to at least put it on CD.
Thanks guys. I was (while sat on sandbag) telling current colleagues about it who simply couldnt comprehend the force which they get blown out of the trench. Havent seen it myself for many years so would be good if you guys could unearth it. I'm no longer with the Royal Regiment, so my contacts are now very limited!
Again I know a chap who has it on his laptop, but he's currently on op's. Shall try my best to track it down for you.
Was the Op by any chance JC? He was my rapier DC yonks ago he didnt have a clue about rapier but because he was a stripey he was put in charge it was the funniest excercise ever bloody good bloke he was and prolly still is... and i think he lost a fair bit of hair in that firing accident but had a lucky escape?? i maybe wrong (stood too long infront of the cmd antennae lolol)
I make no apologies whatsoever for bumping this thread back up, because i would really like a copy of this vid!!

free beers of gratitude to whoever can deliver it, cheers guys

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