Javelin in TA Anti tank platoons

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Falling-Plate, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Our platoon converted over to this system last year. However thus far the kit has not been forth coming and its delivery does not seem to be on the horizon.

    This is proving to be a pain as the majority of us have not touched the kit since we converted, and we have no way of keeping current on it except borrowing kit for weekends.

    Is there anyone else out there who is in similar circumstances?


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  2. the jav platoon in my unit has allready had its kit, i think they got it last year some time
  3. misterp, any chance of revealing your Loc-stat or cap badge (by pm of course) Our command wants to know if others have the kit & if so why the f**k don't we.
  4. Are you TA?
  5. 3 pwrr have it already .Next time they get killed on exrcise I 'll nick you a firing post :rofl: .
  6. Is this the full monty (CLUs/simulator/JAVWES)?
    Have they been issued it or is it on loan from a reg bn?
  7. Far as I'm aware the kits on loan when they need it
  8. No idea not javelin plt thank fcuk . They rock up with loads kit though
    all new shiny and heavy .Its not like their ever going to fire one for real.
    Guess its a way to get people to moblise only chance youre get to fire one.:)
  9. All I know is not to stand too close to one carrying a tube when they turn around!! :shakefist:
  10. Sounds like the situation for 3PWRR is the same as ours, we borrow the kit from our reg cousins & use the simulators at Warminster....

    Anyone out there (TA) that actually has the kit ISSUED to their unit and/or has thier own simulator?
  11. Im in a TA rapier bty we borrow our kit from the regs, were supposed to be getting our own, but that hasnt happened yet due to various reasons.
  12. I believe that one of the platoons in 3PWRR hold javelin at their location.
  13. It could be on long-term loan but I wonder if they are breaking the terms of the procurement contract (as I understand it) by doing so. It can only be held at a site that is manned 24/7. Not sure how TAC caretakers fit into this description but I suspect it is stretching the definition a bit if that's what they're relying on.
  14. Dont know only under this impression as a mate of mine works on the reruitment team and was telling me about it in the bar one night, next time i see him i will try to find out a bit more.
  15. The javelin platoon definetly does not have any full time kit at their TAC, take that as guarenteed because I haven't counted it during an arms check.

    oh_bug.ger - Perhaps you can PM the name of your contact on the recruit team & I can set him straight.