Javelin broadband your thoughts

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smoojalooge, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. it does most things and it is better than no internet

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  2. bag of w*nk

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  3. Great

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  4. It is a good idea but is not good value for money

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  1. Having just signed away my 15 quid for javelin javelin net. I noticed that i was paying for broadband on a service that runs at dial up speeds.

    It appears to have a 11 Meg service but on further investigation, I find that is the repeated and it is 2 meg service for all the singlies on camp.

    for 15 quid a month i feel i have the right to a better service. So your thoughts please especially if anyone from javelin broadband ltd is on this site
  2. It sounds like the majority of things that happen when the military get involved, over priced and underperforming. Can Deutsch Telecom (been a while since I was in Germany) not do a better deal privately?
  3. there is not enough space on the exchange to run phones to singlies and there is not enough of us to get a new exchange
  4. sorry can't help you out. quick question tho - is javelin net an army internet server for javelin barracks? i used to have to stand in the vendors checking my email whilst getting cod thrown at me from the pi$$ heads in shannanigans. if only i had internet in my room i'd be safe and wouldn't still reek of fish.
  5. It seems more info is needed so here is a link to there site

  6. Neil Walsh: Operations Director and CTO

    went to harrogate with this guy, very clever but used to shag some ugly furkin munters.
  7. Is this the same guy that was posted to 7 Sigs and married a DTG with a very large chest??
  8. Its a dam site better than broadband in JHQ. Still no sign of it appearing in the Z type blocks yet can't get a private line from Deutch Telecom as the block is all contracted.
  9. AWWW Bless you Bully - thats what you get for living in the posh blocks! hehehe
  10. Neil Walsh couldn't direct his p*ss down the urinal.
  11. timebandit

    thats the one big noughts and a boat like a bulldog chewing a wasp
  12. If CO 7/16 had read any of Neil's CRs they wouldn't have accepted him in their MTs let alone given him responsibility for broadband on Brüggen. There are a number of splendid technicians from 16SR who can still dine out on the memory of Neil's leaving speech. All said, fine bloke.
  13. My CR's used to go along the lines of "sets very low standards and fails to achieve them" and "this man has deprived a village of it's idiot"
  14. I am looking for an excuse to use "Skills closer to special needs than special forces"
  15. I have to agree with you there guru. They started this "service" years ago, and can still only provide broadband at dialup speeds. I've never heard a good word said about their product. I always found Neil to be a c0ck of the highest order.