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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by franklin, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Reading another thread, I saw a comment saying that the SLA has internet but basically its sh1te. Everyone I know who is a customer to this company is constantly complaining for its poor service, lack of connection, ridiculous monthly price, lack of customer service and the guy who runs it basically being a c*nt.

    I was wondering if this is purely in Elmpt, or do the guys up in Herford & in UK have the same problems? Apparently its all Deutsch Telecoms fault....
  2. if the blocks only had telephone lines they would be able to avoid the crap service being foisted on the singlies
  3. You must be a tech. Always blaming the other end to make sure you look good.
  4. Javilen Broadband is run is run by an ex-Sgt tech...........

    With long hair...........

    Enough said!
  5. Now, now Heidtheba.
    I know him and I totally agree with you, but don't dis all techs!!
    Did you manage to come off the board?
    Still now news on my posting!!
  6. No bowmanator, another year here, sh!te eh?
  7. So why not just get a phone line, and then get broadband?

    Thats what I have, I live in the block and am on 6Mb BT Broadband...

    Am I missing something?
  8. my mates in herford says its crap too.... i installed a t mobile line when i was there... had good connectivity and no dramas even when we had up to 12 people on it.

    its not too hard to sort it out yourself... i know herford has phone lines in at least one of the blocks
  9. 7 Shitnal Regiment won't allow singleys to put phones in the block s and Javelin Broadband is more commonly known as Javelin Rubberband! It is such a cake and arse party and way hey, they have ran out of cake!
  10. Gosh, so only arse is left?

    How awful.....

  11. Firstly, the Regiment has nothing to do with 'allowing' the singlies to put phones in the block you fücking cretin.

    Second point, have you raised a formal complaint about the standard of the broadband service? I'm not saying it's not shít, but I bet you've done nothing more than cry about it to other singlies. Javelin Broadband stays in Elmpt as long as fücktards such as yourself continue to moan to each other (and on here) instead of raising issues formally.

    Thirdly, I've just read your other post and determined that you are a cünt.
  12. Agreed and I wish I'd said that now..... :D
  13. I was once told something along the lines of - A soldier is most happy when whinging, this makes the happiest person I've ever met, you cnut
  14. Well everyone seems to think I am a ****, apart from brent who thinks that I am a 'cnut'! I am not a raving morale killer I have just had a really shit time at 7 signal regiment and would honestly love to meet someone who does truly like it at this moment in time. So to that end, you are all kidding yourself on!

  15. Hey Gash don't know if you noticed but when you type **** the word **** is edited out and therefore nobody actually typed ****. Cnut is just one way of getting around it, there are many. Pay attention. Cnut