Javelin Bks (Bruggen)

Can anybody give lucky old me some news on Javelin Bks, to which I am posted to in the new year?

I would really like to know about MQs, should I bring my sky digibox and any other stuff that might be of use.

Thanks in advance.
if you read my comment on "Bruggen Disaster" it should give you an insite to the place ::)
this camp is not going to be ready for a few more years yet!! but as far as your sky dish thats no problem you just cant hook it on your wall's.
Enjoy! ;D


Just thought I'd contribute something constructive about Javelin Barracks/Elmpt Station:

Yes, the station is new, and people are finding their feet.  I would suggest that this should be regarded as a challenge and an opportunity, not a problem.

We have quite a few units here:

R SIGNALS - 7 and 16 Sig Regts, and 280 (UK) Sig Sqn,
AAC - 12 Flt AAC
RLC - An EOD Det

...and consequently, an excellent social life can be had by all ('bullshit', you don't mention if you're in the Offrs mess/WOs'-Sgts' Mess, or what?)

- There aren't many duties for soldiers - something like one guard every few months, as we have two and bit regiments to provide people, and the 'bone' gate guard duties are done by Germany Guard Service ((GGS), the equivalent of MGS in the UK). ;)

- The station has many excellence sports and leisure facilities:

 - 7 Sig Regt gym
 - 16 Sig Regt gym
 - Swimming Pool
 - Squash Courts
 - Golf Course (!)
 - Huge cross-country/mountain-biking area
 - Massive runways for skating/rollerblading, etc.

- Tons of educational opportunities, courtesy of AECs at Javelin Barracks and at JHQ Rheindahlen, 30 minutes away.  Many of these opportunities are available to dependants, too.  (As the barracks is large, and close to JHQ, there are also lots of job opportunities for dependents.)

- A well-run HIVE, with lots of information about activities in the area, and in Germany as a whole.  (And also a creche, if I'm not mistaken.)

- Miscellaneous list of stuff on camp:

    - WRVS, with internet
    - Dental & Med centre
    - 43 AEC, inc. LearnDirect, the new Army e-learning programme
    - BFG office - for sorting out that new car...   ;D
    - NAAFI stores - Family store, Express store, Pizzeria, and Chip shop
    - Post Office
    - Haircraft (Hairdresser)
    - YWCA
    - Mitsubishi Motors
    - Travel agents and Insurance place
    - Forum shop (PRI)
    - Silkman cafe
    - Cash point on camp

- Near to lots of leisure activities - Warner Brothers Movie World, Phantasialand, Bobbejaanland, Kernwasser Wunderland, LaserQuest, Paintballing, Brewery trips, Blue Lagoon, Spas, Centre parks, Go-karting (£30 for go-karting, BBQ and all the beer you can drink... ::))

- Close to loads of cities:

    Arnhem (Bridge too far museums for spotters, or the 'Burger Zoo' for those with kids), Berlin (Check point Charlie museum, Berlin Zoo, the Cathedral, etc.), Dusseldorf ('the Paris of the north' - shoppers' paradise), Koln (Aqualand swimming centre, Chocolate factory, museums), Krefeld (Horse racing, Ice skating, Hockey and Swimming), Maastrict (beautiful city, boat trips, markets)...  The list goes on...

- Perhaps best of all, we are in great location in Europe, almost on the border of three countries, while still remaining the closest British unit in Germany to the UK, making travel home cheap and easy.

Finally, to "Bencher", I finish by quoting one of the booklets available from the HIVE:

"...if you are able to contribute to our community ... please do so.  As much as we want this to be the best community in the British Army, only by out joint efforts can we turn that wish in to a reality."

If you have problems with the place have you raised them with your Tp SNCOs, or Tp Comd?  (If you _are_ a SNCO or Jnr Offr, then have you been doing your bit?) Have you attended one of the station comd's meetings?  Have you spoken to the HIVE?

...But then, it's far easier to stand at the sidelines and complain about things without getting your hands dirty and doing something about it, isn't it?...

If anyone is being posted to Javelin/Elmpt and has any questions, please feel free to send me a msg through this site, or email me. :)

Any questions on Javelin Barracks/Elmpt Station, call the HIVE on Mil: 94868 3183, or Civ: 00 49 2163 973183.
i've never read such a lot of old toss in my life are you trying to recruit people to javelin bks if so it's not going to work come on having a cash machine on camp is not a reason for a preference posting.
take my word for it it's a shit hole sorry a shit hole with a cash machine!


What an intelligent and eloquent critique of Javelin Barracks...  You're not a liney by trade are you, Tinky Winky?

Rather than whining like a dumb infantry private without the intelligence to do anything else - why not tell your chain of command what improvements could be made?  You clearly think that there's areas in which they could do better, so why not tell them?  How do other units/barracks/stations do things better?

As a start, rather than just gobbing off on ARRSE, actually provide constructive criticism - what problems are they, and how can they be rectified?  People from Javelin do read this, and useful, constructive points will be passed on, I am certain.

For example, if you feel that there is not enough for soldiers to do in the evenings, say that, but also provide suggestions as to what could be arranged.  

Of course, it's a lot easier just to shove thumb up bum, mind in neutral and complain, complain and complain more.  After all, it's always someone else's fault, isn't it?... GROW UP!
Mmmmmm DangerMouse - methinks you hold some position of authority in that there Javelin place.  You seem very defensive about it all and I'm sure you may have offended our chums in the infantry "dumb infantry private" !!!  
This months soldier has quite a good article.......


Bruggen (sorry Elmpt) has has got a lot to offer for most people, it has a fairly vast training area within the wire and a good social life with the likes of Amsterdam only 2 hours away.  However the facilities it has got to offer are limited for the size of the camp; but then again you have to be sad to spend all your time stuck on a disused airfield!!
Dangermouse, after reading threw your post's it has come to my attention that you are not clear on certain things, ie take your first post you sent on this topic:

- Close to loads of cities:

    Arnhem (Bridge too far museums for spotters, or the 'Burger Zoo' for those with kids), Berlin (Check point Charlie museum, Berlin Zoo, the Cathedral, etc.),

so you are telling me that Berlin is close to Javelin Bks "i dont think so" it is 6 hrs by car, so user name bullshit ignore that one, and it also seem's as 98 Charlie has pointed out that you may hold authority of some kind on Javelin Bks, well get out of the Officers mess dream world and look at what the boys on the ground actually have in the way of SOCIAL recreation, there are limited bars and all to often fight's between inter Regiments. The Bowling alley seems to be a never never in talks on getting it open! and for the kids, a small youth club open once a week, instead they go around the patch vandelising and ringing doorbell's at the annoyance of married person's.
i wish to summerise by saying voiced opinions have been raised with no or very little action and please never put the trade of lineman down as i serve as a Former "Combat lineman" and god knows what ponsy officer high above decided to make us Drivers when im sure you know we are the backbone of the corps and the ony people who actually know what they are doing when tasked with a job to do.  :eek:
Finally before i forget what you said to "Tinky winky" on the subject of intellegence, as i guess your an Officer look at the state of officers these days and you point the critisism of intellegence at my trade "wake up"
As a wife on Javelin Barracks I'd like to give the place my approval.  This is our sixth posting and by far the best.  As stated previously there's plenty to do, loads of beautiful places to visit and my social life is excellent.

I take the view that life is for the taking and not for the sitting around and waiting for it to happen.  I suggest that the whingers get off their lazy arses and get themselves a life, instead of sitting around waiting to be entertained.  

My Husband is not an officer or a senior NCO - in fact he's a Driver/Lineman and proud of it.  We've been to the hell-hole that is 14 Sigs in Haverfordwest and after that we count our blessings.  Elmpt Station is an excellent posting and we are extremely happy here.
On the plus side, there won't be much of a queue at the Elmpt cash point machine..........as it'll be too technical for the 'lineys'......whom, according to their wives, are a proud and religious bunch of men, who provide for their own entertainment/education (a night out watching the bright lights at the cash point machine/NVQ Level 1 - Basic Cash Point Machine - Operators (BCPMO)) and, who are at their happiest not to be serving in Wales!......(where there are no cash point machines).  These men lay claim to being neither Officer nor SNCO, which is probably a good thing...... ;)


War Hero

Don't knock them too hard.  It's like the REME Wreckimechs, You never know quite when you will need one of them to help you, so It's best not to piss them off! (Especially by being rude of their wives, I would suggest! (and certainly as her grasp of grammar is better than yours))
Oh come on CGS..what are you...the 'wind up' police?....I never said anything about her Grandma! ;)

you sound like a spoilt Tech or Operator who always hides behind people!!  ;) and especially with your facination with cash point machines your probably one of these guy's that takes 5 euro at a time out just so you can push buttons.

CGS you are certainly right about his Grammar, i think he's a failed Tech............. ;D
Yeah okay Einstein, whatever you say.  I think that you'll find (if you did indeed progress beyond GCSE English), that there's bugger all wrong with my grammar.......unlike your own.

By the way, check your spelling Sparky!   If you want to sound clever...........it helps if you are clever to begin with!

Can we take it on face value then.... that you are not in a technical trade?  
to bencher and his fellow binmen - the reason you are the only people who seem to know what you are doing is because the job spec is so limited.  If you are told to wipe your arse with a little bit of guidance you can actually achieve this - maybe even get to class 2.

As for facilities on JB - what do you expect, how about getting off your arses and living a little - there are limited facilities on camp but you can get around fairly quickly.

The Wright bros invented this wonderful contraption called an aeroplane and JB is only 10 mins fm MG - 30 mins fm Duss and 40 mins fm Eindhoven.  This all goes to making places like Berlin very accessible.  Paris is 4 hrs on the train so you can get tanked up on the way.

To all u singlies - there is life outside the wire - so go and get one and leave mummies apron strings behind!
your killing me with all the talk of airports and trains.....are you a spotter? or are you trying to make a new club? and about the "Binmen" reaching class 2 status on arse wiping, you may be right!! but im lucky enough to be a class 1 which means i give maximum supervision to the Operators and Tech's on wiping their arse's...bless them  ;D
Like you say pal.............'a legend in your  own underpants'.......I see the spelling still hasn't improved!

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